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How To Have More Closet Choice And Less Clutter

Has your closet been begging you to declutter for some time?

What do you think is holding you back? Are you unsure of: 

  • what things to get rid of &
  • sizing, colours and styles that you’re determined to wear one day
  • making a mistake and throwing something out that you will regret later?

The fear of letting go is very common. It’s what prevents a lot of us from a happy closet decluttering experience.

What if we flipped the thought process and asked …  would you declutter your closet if the result meant that you can have more choice with less clutter?  

And I’m not talking about buying or building a bigger closet! I’m talking about having better judgment and wiser fashion choices.

Here are my top tips.

4 Tips To Having More Closet Choice & Less Clutter

1. Choose Your Base Color

My first tip to help you trim down your closet is to choose a base color which will be the starting point of all your fashion choices.

You can choose a neutral base color and pair it with colorful pieces. A base color will compose your everyday clothing or the ones you tend to wear a lot.

Example: perhaps you choose black as your base color. Google base color style ideas. Here’s one I found for black as a base.

Base colour fashion

Image credit:

It’s a wise choice. Black can go with nearly every other colour. You might have black pants or skirts to pair with your coloured blouses This is super simply to accessorise also. You don’t need every color in the rainbow, you just need to have the base color that can go well with most things. Give it a try.

2. Assess What You Have

Let’s assess what you currently have so you can avoid having to buy a new wardrobe to start fresh.

Sort through your current clothes and mix and match them. Try to make a vision board where you outline the style you want to pursue.

If you have a majority of a certain color in your wardrobe, then you can build from there.

Once you’ve identified your most common base color try Googling style ideas again. Here’s an example of what I found when I Googled “ladies fashion summer white clothing style ideas”.

fashion mix and match white

Image credit: Pinterest, Sydney Style, Where To Get It

As well as color selections, you might also want to reassess your clothing priorities.

Example: you may have set aside your ‘going out” blouse, perfect for good occasions. You don’t wear it very much, but you love it. However fashion trends change and what you loved most about the blouse initially, now does not make you feel so great when you wear it. This kind of blouse is an easy transition from the ‘special occasion’ selection to the ‘everyday’ selection. You can dress down fancy blouses with a simple jacket or cardigan.  Give it a try.

3. Choose Your Style

Choose one style for the season! Check out the latest trend reports by Elle here.

Choose specific items you can use and reuse. But this also should complement your lifestyle, the season and your color palette. It’s good to visualize this and make plans to mix and match your pieces.

Here’s a perfect image to illustrate how to choose the right footwear for your lifestyle. Consider the shoes you will be wearing. Do you need stable, comfortable shoes, or are you able to be daring in a set of heels?  Make your outfit work from your toes up!

Types of Ladies Shoes

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4. Don’t Be Afraid of Space 

Once you have organized your closet, you’ll gain more space. But this doesn’t mean you need to fill it now!

Embrace the space you create and don’t fill the gaps with unnecessary items.

Enjoy the feeling of being able to see and wear your clothing, instead of standing in front of your closet each morning with the dilemma of not knowing what to wear.

So How Are You Feeling?

If you’re ready to get started then off you go! Let us know how you recreated your style and found more things to wear.

If you’re motivated but still unsure about where or how to start, then click to learn about our closet program:

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