Kitchen Routines

5 Simple Kitchen Routines That Keep You Organized – With Free Weekly Schedule

Aah, the kitchen!

For some, it’s the most important part of the house.

A family hub. Food is prep’d. Conversations take place. Homework is done. Work is completed. Meal time is precious.

Given the range of activities the kitchen undertakes, it is one place where cleanliness and organization can make a big difference.

We’re sharing some tips to help keep your kitchen organized so you can continue to enjoy your happy space.

Simple Kitchen Routines That Keep You Organized

1. Keep Dish Cloths Nearby

Wash cloths, sponges, dish cloths, Wettex, Chux, dish rag, washing up cloth. Whatever you call it at your place, keep a nice little stock pile under the kitchen sink.

Perfect for spills, stains, general cleaning. Some micro-fibre dish cloths can be laundered and used over and over.

Replace your dish cloth each week as part of your cleaning schedule.

2. Disinfect The Sink

If you’re home throughout the day, then you probably already wipe the sink a number of times. However, a clean looking sink also harbors unseen germs.

At the end of every day, use disinfectant to wipe your sink down to get rid of any germs that will proliferate the whole kitchen.

3. Make Schedules

Scheduling is the great way to organize a kitchen.

These schedules can contain the time of cooking, who’s in charge for each meals, and the meal menu to be cooked.

You could start with daily schedules for each family member where a task is assigned.

Weekly schedules can include cleaning tasks so that the same person is not doing the cleaning task each week.

4. Keep Separate Zones

What I love most about this idea is that you don’t mess up your whole kitchen at once.

Keep a separate zone for prepping food, cooking food, cleaning up and putting away after.

These zones should be near the things that you need during this time. For example, prepping zone should contain knives and cutting boards.  

5. Clean As You Go

A little bit of effort in the short term, helps so much in the long term.

Try to stop leaving dishes to sit in the sink for a day. It’s unsanitary, and it is a magnet for more dirty dishes. True! If someone walks past and sees the sink full of dirty dishes, they are more likely to add to the pile rather than continue to put it in the dishwasher, or wash it up themselves.

Wipe surfaces as you go. Spills are easier to clean when wet, rather than caked or dried up.

Simple tips that can make a big difference. What tips can you suggest?

FREE ‘Weekly Schedule’ Printable

To help you get started, click here for your FREE Weekly Schedule printable (it’s part of our To-Do List bundle).

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