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4 Steps That Change Your Life From Chaos to Happiness

Here’s a reality check: you make your own happiness.

If you chase happiness but can’t manage to find it, or keep it, then stop. Refocus those efforts and be more productive.

It’s true that happiness starts within. So let’s begin with some simple strategies you can start implementing RIGHT NOW!

Steps To Move From Chaos To Happiness

1. Value Your Own Time

“Chaos” is thinly disguised disorganization. Disorganization is often an offshoot of lack of time. Lack of time management can be addressed with planning.

Task example: for the next few days, plan out your activities on an hourly basis. It might look something as basic as this:

6-7am Wake, shower, dress, breakfast

7-8am Commute to work, drop kids to school care

8am-5pm Work hours. Perhaps a lunch break can include a short rest, with some errands to help ease the load later in the day.

5-7pm Get home, dinner, homework, sports

7pm – 9pm Housework, laundry, prepare for next day

9pm-11pm Watch a movie, check your FB, Netflix binge a series.

What does planning out this simple routine do?

It gives you the freedom to do what you have to do on a daily basis, knowing there will be time for things you want to do at the end of the day.

If someone invites you to see a movie, a quick glance says “Yes, I can make a 9pm movie today” rather than “I don’t have time to go to the movies”.

2. Organize Things By The Way You Live

Physical chaos transforms to mental chaos. The more disorganized the things you have within your view, the more it sucks happiness and calm out of you.

Task example: Organize your kitchen cupboards to suit your lifestyle.

If you work from home and have multiple trips to the kitchen to make coffee, then organize your kitchen efficiently. Fill the cupboard above the kettle with the cups, saucers, tea bags, coffee pods, sugar spoons etc that you use regularly. Make it a one stop shop, so you’re not wasting time looking for things you use regularly. Tip – keep the chocolate biscuits as far away as possible from this dedicated space so as to avoid unnecessary temptation! 

3. Dream Big

Writing down your goals is not a fruitless exercise. It helps you keep a positive mindset.

What do you want to achieve at this point of your life? Get a masters degree? Take a vacation? Build your dream home? Write them down and make a concrete plan instead of letting them weave through your thoughts anytime of the day & cause distraction.

4. Keep Your Attitude In Check

Would you consider yourself to have a positive attitude?

If you view everything as chaotic and unpleasant, then it will be so. There are steps to identifying your personal power, and if you start working it out, you WILL make things happen. 

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