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10 Productivity Tips If You Work From Home

Successful people who work from home have one thing in common. And this one thing, is obvious but hard to maintain.

If you haven’t already guessed, they’re successful because they have a routine. They adhere to it. They make things happen. Let’s look at some of the main ways to establish routines so you can manage your work from home success.

10 Things To Do If You Work From Home

1. Avoid A Cluttered Desk

Is your workspace cluttered or messy?

A cluttered desk can clutter your mindset as well. Keeping your workspace clear and tidy will help keep you focused on the task to be done.

2. Take Action & Don’t Postpone

Procrastination is your not friend!

You’re putting off the inevitable. You have to face it sometime, so change your behavior and do those tasks first. As Brian Tracy says, eat that frog!

Taking action will reduce the long term burden and allow you to focus on tasks more efficiently.

3. Schedule Email Replies

Organized people do not check email at every ping.

Try scheduling email checks and email replies to help you be more organized and less disrupted by non-urgent pings.  

4. Have Consistent Sleep Patterns

Sleep is so underrated!

Organized people wake up at a specific time, usually early, and go to sleep at the same time every day.

This creates a sleep pattern that maintains good body and mind balance.  

5. Create One To-Do List

Whether it be a physical diary or on your computer or phone, having ONE to-do list will keep your day, week, month focused. Forget notes strewn everywhere, just work off one to-do list that contains everything.

6. Take Breaks 

Organized people do not forgo the necessities of lunch and mini-breaks.

Break times are breathing times. Do not cheat yourself with this and use them effectively.

7. Tidy Up 

When working from home, sometimes it is unavoidable that your home and office work will overlap.

Tidy up your office before you leave to become a full-time Mom or Dad or partner. Keep home time and work time separate.

8. Plan Work The Night Before

This complements your one to-do list. You may need to re-prioritize or add tasks to your list. Do it before you finish up for the day so you don’t have a sleepless night ‘trying not to forget’ to do something!

Hence in the morning, you’re ready to crack on with action items, no procrastinating.

9. Tackle Paperwork Straight Away

Sorting the paperwork right away will reduce the work you will have to face during the coming day, week, month or year!

Throw away what you don’t need. File those papers that you need to keep and scan those that you don’t need a physical copy of but may need for reference in the future.

10. Smile Before Sleeping

Yes, because sleeping happy will make you wake up happy! Leave any worry or concerns in your to-do list. A good restful sleep will give you the motivation to start the day in a positive way.

Try our simple working from home tips. It’s truly is amazing how one small change in behavior can make a big difference.  

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1 thoughts on “10 Productivity Tips If You Work From Home

  1. Lauren says:

    Great tips, thanks! Although, there are some of us who are not born to work from the comfort of our own home. 🙂 I tried most of the tips but when I finally decided to move to a coworking space, I became more productive. For Aussies like me, I would recommend The Muse

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