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Declutter Mantras To Help You Make Fast Decisions

In a previous post, we talked about our favorite mantra; “Move fast. Don’t overthink. Let it go”.

This mantra is simple and effective because it takes away doubts over decluttering problems many people encounter.

Here are some more mantras you can use to help you make better choices while your decluttering.

Move fast. Don’t overthink. Let it go

More Declutter Mantras To Help You Make Fast Decisions

1. Less Is More

  • The less you own, the fewer things there are to organize. T
  • The less you own, the more you can pay attention to necessities.

2. Does It Bring Me Joy?

Sometimes it doesn’t come down to need, it comes down to how something makes you feel.

Keep any item that brings a smile to your face.

Throw or donate any item that you are only keeping because…

  • it was expensive
  • it was a gift
  • you think you should.

Remove any items that don’t spark joy out of your home, fast!

3. A Fast Cull Is A Good Cull

Thinking fast means you can set aside emotions you have during your decluttering process.

If you follow points 1 and 2 above, then acting fast will help you make decisions quicker with less guilt attached.

4. I Will Finish Today

Set a mini goal and tell yourself you will finish today.

Your goal might be:

  • I will work on decluttering between 9am-10am.
  • I will keep working on my living room area until it is complete.
  • I will only work on the kitchen area for two hours.

Setting mini goals will help when procrastination rears its ugly head!

5. I Will Not Need This Tomorrow

The thought that you might need something “one day” is a HUGE reason that keeps people from fully decluttering their homes.

Future need hinders the decluttering process (especially if you haven’t used the item for a long time). Avoid this creeping in to your declutter process but justifying the thought beforehand. If it is an item that be easily replaced then it’s time to let go!

Choose one of these mantras next time you’re decluttering and share your experience with us in the comments below.

Are You Ready To Declutter But Need More Help?

If you feel you need to do any of the following:

  • Make a life-changing mindset shift so you can finally part with unneeded stuff
  • Know how and where to start decluttering – and to make that start
  • Be able to make decisions about things you might need one day
  • Decide how much stuff is the right amount for you
  • Work out exactly what to keep and what to let go, room by room
  • Choose what to do with your decluttered stuff – sell, donate, toss?
  • Get rid of clutter – even when there’s nowhere uncluttered to work
  • Deal with kids’ clutter
  • Rediscover your surfaces – yes they’re still under there somewhere!
  • Learn how to keep clutter at bay – for life
  • Cope with other people’s clutter.

Then check out our 7 Days To A Dramatically Decluttered Home Course.



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