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How To Organize Your Tech Gadgets

In the era of connectivity, we own and use several gadgets at once. Smart phones, laptops, personal computers, iPads and tablets have become part of our everyday life. These gadgets store a huge range of apps and software which often means we need to manage digital clutter too.

If your device is cluttered with apps or your cords and chargers are all bundled together in a heap, then it’s time to organize your gadgets.

Let’s get started.

Tips For Organizing Your Tech Gadgets

1. Folder Apps Based on Category

Cluttered apps on your phone can be annoying, but you can simplify your app organization by categorising them on your smart phone.

You can catergorize your apps based on:

  • Theme – keep the same topic in one folder. For example, all of your productivity apps in one folder.
  • Color – especially if your a visual person. For example, you know the Facebook logo is blue so simply go to the blue folder to find it.
  • Importance – how valuable they are to you on a daily basis. For example you might need Colorfy handy to help you destress but you also need your FitBit app to be readily accessible too.

2. Label Your Cords

Cords can create an eyesore and be a trip hazard.  No matter how organised your home is, tangling cords can ruin a good look. Label each cord so you can easily identify which is which for your devices.

Label options include:

  • Using the little plastic square off the bread packaging
  • A little piece of colored ribbon
  • Color coded cable ties
  • A box with dividers, separating each cord, clearly labelled.

3. Create A Charging Station

Setting up a charging station is an easy way to organise your chargers, your home and your life.

Designate one charging station in your home with all available chargers for phone, tablet and laptop.

Make these chargers steady in that station, just use an on and off switch for the outlet. Meaning, you have to keep spare one in another organizing case for on-the-go needs.

4. Declutter Your Computer

Same with apps, keep your apps on the computer organized.

Label each file properly when saving and save them in designated folder based on types, or project or urgency of use.

For security and peace of mind, don’t forget to sync everything in the cloud. This way you can access files on any device.

5. Have One Media Center

Having one media center means you designate a go-to place for everything tech and gadget-y!

It can be a drawer or table that has placeholders for every gadget you have.

Physical clutter can steal your focus from important matters. The more we integrate media, tech and gadgets in our daily life and career, it deserves the right attention and organization to keep you sane!




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