In Pursuit Of Happiness – The Reward Is Real

Happiness is said to be elusive. Us humans often try to equate happiness with reaching goals. Are we looking in the right place for happiness? Are we our own worst enemy when it comes to trying to achieve happiness?

You can be truly happy without the external motivations – by changing your perceptions.

Things Happy People Do Differently

Taking the leaf out of a happy person’s book, you can:

  • Listen to your instinct or gut feel. This serves as your internal critic.
  • Embrace the unknown. Take a risk instead of going for comfort.
  • Do things right away, don’t procrastinate.
  • Understand failure and do not think of it as a setback.
  • Don’t dwell on the past.
  • Live interdependently with others.
  • Accept your own flaws.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Tips For Intrinsic Happiness

You should know by now that true happiness comes from within. Joy from shopping, vacations and winning can be fleeting. Loving yourself and being happy from within can create limitless freedom, potential and positive perspective. It can even heal us. It can’t be achieved in a day but it can happen. Check out these tips for gaining happiness.

1. Connect With Yourself

  • Slow down and meditate.
  • Life isn’t about work.
  • Listen to other people, listen to the voice inside you.
  • Use waiting times like a grocery queue, showers and lunch breaks to do some quiet reflection.

You might be surprised to find wisdom within you, and in the long run, happiness.

2. Choose To Be Happy

  • Happiness should be intended.
  • Don’t base happiness on material things, and you’ll start to empower yourself slowly.
  • Avoid negativities, solve problems positively.

We put happiness in our own hands. Perceive life differently. It can create opportunities later on.

3. Surrender

  • Know that you cannot control everything.
  • Let go, surrender on things that you know can break you.
  • Strengthen your faith and choose happiness.

We always seem to think that being strong is the only way through life. But being strong is different from being resilient. Strong can break, resilience bounces back.

4. Find the Good in People

  • This is not always easy to do, but finding bad in people creates negative cycles.
  • If you can’t find good in the person you’re with, then it’s time to evaluate the need for that relationship.
  • Appreciate more, criticise less.

5. Stop Doing These Things

To be truly happy, try to avoid doing the following things:

  • Being jealous
  • Being afraid of change
  • Being always in control
  • Making excuses
  • Blaming other people
  • Complaining
  • Keeping bad relationships
  • Not believing in yourself.

Be yourself and choose happiness.

1 thoughts on “In Pursuit Of Happiness – The Reward Is Real

  1. Imli Jamir says:

    Most of the time i think i’m trying to pull both the feet at once!! Always being an agitated breed and never remembering to say a word of appreciation to wife or friends! Maybe its time to release the air that i’m keeping within and allow to blow the wind of change along! Happiness train lets gallop!!!

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