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How To Get Dressed In The Morning

This is a guest post from Tiffany Franklin from Safestore – the UK’s No.1 choice for self storage. Safestore the things you love.

The morning routine is a daunting prospect if you’re not an early bird and it can take one small delay – such as ice on your windscreen or a missing shoe – to make you late for work. Getting organized is the key to success in almost all things and your pre-work routine can seriously benefit from just a little preparation at the weekend.

Now we’re not suggesting you need advice on how to put your pants on before work. Mornings are hard but after years of practise you’re not a total novice when it comes to applying clothes… Well, most days anyway! Instead, our advice is aimed at helping you to take the time out of picking your outfit each morning, ensuring you look fab-u-lous every day of the week with minimum fuss!

What Type of Morning Person Are You?

If you’re someone who dreads the morning routine, you’ll easily be able to identify the type of morning person you are.

A) Plain and Simple

You lack faith in your fashion know-how and have very few clothes in your wardrobe. Throwing on a plain and basic outfit is preferable to turning up to the office in the nude. It’s only work, right?!

B) Totally Chaotic

You find yourself running around like a headless chicken and have loads of clothes in your wardrobe. There’s simply too much choice and time seems to be running away from you, so an uncoordinated outfit is better than a late arrival to the office!

C) An In-Betweener

You fit somewhere between A & B. Picking a nice outfit can be done but that depends on how much sleep you’ve had. One extra snooze though and you might just end up leaving the house still half asleep, wearing a mismatched suit and different colour shoes.

How To Make Your Mornings Less Stressful

To make your mornings less stressful you have two options.

1. Wear The Same Outfit Every Day Of The Week

Don’t laugh, it’s a thing! Steve Jobs was famous for wearing Levi’s, black turtleneck and New Balance trainers every day of the week. However for most women, whether they’re avid followers of fashion or not, wearing the same ensemble every day is not the done thing.

So, that leaves option two.

2. Plan Your Daily Outfits

Food prepping is all the rage right now as it’s a fantastic way to eat healthy meals when you’re flat out at work. The approach to planning your outfits needn’t be that different and unlike cooking a week’s meals from scratch, you’ve already got the ingredients sitting in your wardrobe!

So put aside 30 minutes on a Sunday evening to spend some quality time with your wardrobe and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!

If you like the sound of option two, follow these simple steps and you’ll be the office fashionista in no time at all.

Steps To Planning Your Daily Outfits

Step 1

Think about what your week involves per day – this will help you to choose clothes on a practical level.

For example, Thursdays are hectic and require a lot of moving around. You’ve got meeting after meeting and a long commute, so those swanky heels that give you blisters just won’t do. Instead you could opt for:

  • Flat, comfy shoes
  • A lightweight top so that you don’t overheat
  • A tailored pair of trousers to keep the look smart.

Step 2

Go through each day in exactly the same way and pull out the clothes suited to your schedule, laying them on your bed and teaming the main items (top/trousers/skirts etc.) with matching accessories.

Step 3

Try on each outfit to make sure it works and that you like it – if you skip this step now, you run the risk of finding out it looks awful two seconds before you need to leave the house, or worse still, in the mirror at work!

Step 4

Finally, take a picture of each outfit on your phone. Each photo will act as a daily reminder of what you’re going to put on. Just lay the clothes out on the bed and take a quick snap. That’s it!

Bonus Tips

Looking good is proven to give you more confidence – and more confidence means a productive go get ’em attitude – so here are five more tips to help you plan your weekly outfits.

1. Don’t Let a Commute or The School Run Dictate Your Outfit Choices

You may opt for a pair of trainers if you’re walking in all weathers but you can pop a pair of heels in your bag to change into once you get to work.

2. Space Out Outfits That Use The Same Item of Clothing

If you only have one black jumper that you’d like to wear twice in a week, wear it with a few days either side i.e. Monday and Thursday, just in case you need to wash the jumper between each wear.

3. Want To Wear The Same Outfit Twice In A Week?

It can be done! Just wear it at opposite ends of the week and disguise the same outfit by adding a scarf.

4. Make Your Clothes Work Harder For You

Remember that really nice suit that you only save for important meetings? Wear the skirt and jacket as separates and create some different outfits.

Just remember to dry clean them both at the same time to keep the colour matching.

5. Transform Your Outfit From Day To Night

If you’re going out straight from work and have very little time to get changed, think about how you can easily transform your current outfit with minimum fuss.

Often it’s as simple as adding accessories like a stand-out clutch bag and a pair of heels. Another good trick is wearing jeans under a dress – it’s a nice daytime look and by simply whipping off your jeans you’re ready for whatever the night may bring!

Watch The Video: How To Get Dressed

For more visual tips watch the How To Get Dressed video here.

Feel Like A Winner In The Morning

By the end of your one-to-one with your wardrobe you’ll know exactly what you’re putting on every morning of the week – and get an extra 10 minutes in bed. Win, win!

Don’t fancy doing it every week, though? Just wear it all again the week after with a few minor accessory swaps and no one will be any the wiser.

This is a guest post from Tiffany Franklin from Safestore – the UK’s No.1 for choice for self storage. Safestore the things you love.

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