Procrastination After vacation

Procrastination Busters – Tips For Going Back To Work After The Holidays

There is always some dread in returning to work after a holiday. It’s challenging and most of the time, it affects productivity. Yes, we’ve all been there and procrastination at this time can be a really strong enemy!

The procrastination you feel builds up and your stress levels rise. Especially if you’re still thinking of that last day trip to the beach or the fun times of your last night out with friends.

When faced with the reality that your work won’t wait for you and the more you postpone it the more it piles up, it’s time to dig deep and tackle it head on.

Here are some simple tips to motivate yourself and get on with the tasks ahead.

Tips For Going Back To Work After The Holidays

1. Assess Your Desk

Before you take a seat, take a look at your desk top. Does it look neat, tidy and organized?

Get rid of any distractions on your desk:

  • Throw away things you don’t need.
  • File away papers you are not working on.
  • Put extra note pads, scratch paper, paperweights you don’t need or use somewhere else.
  • Limit the number of photo frames cluttering your space.
  • Organize your drawers neatly so you can always find what you’re looking for.
  • If your distraction includes your coworker, remove him/her! Pop on some headphones, or move desks.

2. List Your Priorities

Now that you’re sitting at your tidy and organized desk, start making a list of what’s important for today, and this week.

This will help guide your time management on tasks that need your attention right away or what can wait until later in the week.

It’s common to ease yourself back into work mode by starting with the easiest task, but don’t forget to prioritize your tasks according to importance and urgency to avoid the awful feeling of last-minute rush.

3. Get Started on Your Priority Tasks

It may well be that you have to ‘eat the frog‘ but you’ll be more productive once you do.

The idea is that once you have tackled the task you dread the most, the rest of the day won’t seem so bad!

4.  Set Time Goals

Set a task timer and work uninterrupted for that specified time.

Accomplishing the task will give you more motivation later to move on to the next task. The timeframe will guide your day so you can focus and reach all your target goals for the day and then relax when you’re finished!

5. Take a Break

This step goes hand in hand with time setting. Factor in breaks so that your mind can rest and recharge throughout the day.

If your priority tasks are large and time-consuming, break them down into small achievable goals.

While you’re taking a break, you can start planning your next holiday. 🙂

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