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Keeping Your Home Tidy When You Have Pets

When the fur starts flying your house can become a disaster area in a hurry. Your pets can contribute to the mess in several ways; shed hair can cling to any and every available surface, while dander can even reduce your indoor air quality. In addition to the hair and dander, messy paws can wreak havoc with your floors and upholstery and even feeding time can leave a mess behind. You don’t have to get rid of your pets to enjoy a clean home; these organization and cleaning hacks will help you keep your house clean without parting with your pets.

Use Apps to Help with Pet Care

Apps can help you track your pet if they go missing: Tagg is designed to allow you to instantly locate your pet via app or computer. Apps like Tagg can also help you keep your pets clean if you set up designated areas as out of bounds. That muddy spot in your backyard or the pond adjacent to your home can be set as “no-go” zones; you’ll get a real-time notification if your pet sneaks into one of these messy areas.

An app like Tagg can help you track your pet, but apps that focus on health are also useful for keeping your pet (and therefore your home) clean and tidy. Pet Phone helps you track your pet’s health and wellness; one of the important factors for their wellbeing is grooming. Regular baths and grooming will keep your pet healthy and drastically reduce the amount of shed hair you have to deal with as well.

Ways To Get Organized With Your Pets

1. Containment

Each of your pets probably have their own toys, food and products. Setting up bins or baskets for these items can help you contain them and ensure you have everything you need. Regularly purging toys can help cut down on clutter and ensure your pet only plays with toys that are in good shape; damaged or old toys can break and injury your pets.

Toys can go into a dedicated basket or box where they are used most; some pets can even be trained to place their own toys in the correct location. Designating some toys for “outside” and making a space for them in your yard can prevent your dog from dragging in a muddy stuffed animal or ball after play time and further reduce the mess you need to deal with.

2. Essential Items

Store pet items where you use them; products like shampoos, vitamins, medication and first aid supplies can be stored where you store your human medications; kids and pets should not be able to access these supplies.

3. Secure Food and Feeding Stations

Bags tear easily and you can end up with a mountain of pet food on your floor; some cats will even chew through bags to access food, leaving behind a mess. That much food just isn’t good for your pet and the resulting mess will need to be cleaned up, too. Pour dry food into a sealable container and it will stay fresh longer; you’ll also help your pets maintain a healthy weight.

For the feeding area, a tray or placemat under the feeding bowls can help cut down on food waste and mess. Simple wipe these down as needed and replace; you won’t have to clean the entire floor every time your pet has a spill or is a little messy with its food.

4. Manage Paperwork

It won’t make a big mess on your couch, but not being able to locate your pet’s paperwork could cause you a headache. Place all materials in one spot, including medical history, microchip records and vaccination information and you’ll corral this clutter and be able to locate what you need for boarding, grooming or vet appointments.

5. Invest in Technology

Robotic vacuums or floor cleaners can help keep everything tidy; a vacuum cleaner designed for homes with pets can also help alleviate some of the mess. A steam cleaner or power cleaner may also be useful if you have a very young or very old pet; accidents do happen and you’ll be able to thoroughly remove any stains right away.

6. Rotate Favorites

Keep a few favorites in an accessible basket, but don’t overwhelm your pets with toys. By keeping only a few toys out at a time, your pet can have plenty of fun without making a mess. When you rotate toys back in, your pet will be delighted to have fresh new playthings. Keep a bin or basket in the closet handy and add seasonal toys and some of the overflow; you’ll have less to pick up and they’ll always have something new to play with.

Inspect toys before adding them to the active play basket and you’ll spot any that need to be replaced. If you only buy good quality toys designed for dogs or cats, your toys will last longer and be harder to rip apart. Stuffed animals designed for kids may appeal to your dog, but he’ll be able to rip it apart in minutes and you’ll have to clean up the aftermath.

Improve Air Quality

You may need to change the filters on your home heating and air conditioning system a little more frequently if you have pets. A HEPA filter device can also help filter out dander and allergens. These are optional steps but can create a more comfortable space for you and your pets, particularly if you have family members with allergies or asthma.

Your home will be more comfortable for both your family and your pets when you take steps to clean and organize. Even small changes have a big impact on how easy it is to keep your home looking fresh; taking a few moments to set up an organized system will yield results you’ll enjoy again and again. You’ll love your pets even more when you can focus on enjoying them instead of cleaning up after them!

Be sure to share your favorite ways to stay organized with pets in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Keeping Your Home Tidy When You Have Pets

  1. Claire says:

    My biggest challenge is my cat likes to lie on and knock things off my desk and other surfaces. I can spend ages organizing my desk, only to have godzilla cat knock it all onto the floor!

  2. bee says:

    A hand held small vacuum is great for scattered birdseed & a push carpet sweeper picks up bits of hay without scaring the bunny (or exposing him to an electrical cord he might chew on thinking it’s a tasty vine). Thanks for you tips and encouragement!

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