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Time Management Checklist (For Beginners) – With Free Printable To-Do List

If the concept of time management is alien to you, then we have a quick checklist to help you find your way.

Time Management Checklist (For Beginners)

Follow these steps for one week and you’ll notice the change in your time management skills and a load off your mind.

1. Take Some Time Out

Find a space to enjoy some quiet time. Rest your brain and start with a calm attitude.

2. Remove All Of That Noise In Your Head

Note down your to-do list for the coming week. List everything that needs your attention for this week only.

Download our Master To-Do List free printable to help you get started.

3. Double-Check Your Week Ahead

Check your calendar and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

4. Start Sorting Those Tasks

Sort your full to-do list into daily tasks across the week.

Download our Weekly To-Do Lists to help you get started.

Once each task has been allocated to a specific day, go back to each day’s task and start managing that day with timeframes.
For example, between 9-10am on Monday; call to make appointment for the doctor, check emails and pay bills . Between 5-6pm on Wednesday; take daughter to dancing class.

5. Planning and Preparation

Plan the hours required for each task including travel time or preparation time.
For example, dance class starts 5pm Wednesday, but you need to leave at 430pm to make it on time, so your daughter must start to get ready by 4.15pm. This means she only has half an hour to get home from school, do homework, change clothes and have a bite to eat.

Prepare for each task.
For example, if your daughter only has half an hour on a Wednesday to get ready before dancing, you need to make sure there is a quality snack waiting for her so she has the energy she needs for dance class. This might mean you need to factor in a half-hour grocery store visit between 9-930am that day to ensure you have the supplies you need.

A little bit of preparation can make a big difference to the success of your week. And not only that, you will regain a little sanity so that you’re being the best you can be. 🙂

BONUS: Free Printable To-Do Lists

These simple steps will get you on the right path. Download our free printables to-do lists to help you get started.

We recommend downloading the Master To-Do List and Weekly To-Do List so you can get started right now!


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