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Prioritize Your Tasks To Be in Control Of Your Work and Family Schedule

When you want to accomplish things, you have to set goals and priorities. They are your guidelines for starting and finishing up a task either for work, for your home or for your hobbies. It will just be chaos and confusion if you start one task and then start another in the middle of the current. You may want to multi-task but it’s proven that multitasking at most times results in no work getting done. Set your priorities straight, take control and get things done.

To get you started in prioritizing your tasks, you can download the free and interactive Daily To-Do List (Priority).

Step-by-Step Guide To Creating a Daily To-Do List (Priority) Schedule

Step 1: Download the Daily To-Do List (Priority) Schedule PDF

The Daily To-Do List (Priority) Schedule is one of many to-do lists we offer. You can access our free, printable and interactive to-do lists from here.

Step 2: Choose How To Use The Daily To-Do List (Priority) Schedule

You have two choices here. You can either:

  • Find the Daily To-Do List (Priority) Schedule PDF and print it out
  • Find the Daily To-Do List (Priority) Schedule and start typing in the interactive fields. Simply save the PDF when you have finished.

Step 3: Fill in Tasks Depending On Importance Or Priority

You can see the list has up to 20 blocks where you can type or write in your task priorities. You can mark each task with the letters A,B and C which signifies priority levels.

See the sample list below. Top priorities would be marked A, secondary tasks would marked B and tertiary tasks would be marked C.

You can cross out each task once accomplished or put a check in the tick box right next to the letterbox.

Once you accomplished all the tasks you have listed you can reward yourself with anything that you want. Maybe a spa, a good movie with the family, a decadent cheesecake, you’ve earned your reward!

priority 1

A sample task list

FREE Printable To-Do Lists for Work

To help you get started with our free interactive to-do lists, including Daily To-Do List (Priority) Schedule, click here.

2 thoughts on “Prioritize Your Tasks To Be in Control Of Your Work and Family Schedule

  1. Epson Tech Support says:

    To know the entire process that how you can easily monitor and that you must follow some of the guidelines from there easily and maintain the steps for which you should know about the following reason.

  2. Vanessa says:

    To do lists are a great way to increase productivity, no doubt about it. However, I wouldn’t agree the paper ones are the best solution. Well, for sure not when you travel or can’t work in the same place every day – it’s simply very easy to lose a piece of paper. I prefer to have an app for that. My favorite one is Kanban Tool ( ). Thank to it, I can keep the track with all my tasks better. I stopped missing deadlines, too.

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