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How To Make Your Small Home Office Look Professional

Home offices are usually an afterthought whenever designing a house, and for most people it’s not even a thought at all. But these spaces are where the good intentions are made, like one day creating a space where you can read a book quietly while sipping a hot cup tea or coffee. It’s a place where you can listen to music without anyone disturbing you and eventually become your study as you spend more quiet time where you can read, listen to music, think and do some work. As time goes by, these spaces will be filled with mismatched bits and pieces and junk.

Then one day, you decided to work at home and convert this space as your home office. Some people are fortunate to have spacious offices with ample room to meet clients and store supplies. If your home office is small, it may be hard for it to look functional and professional. What can you do to make this small office look and function as an effective and professional office?

1. Remove All The Clutter

This is the first thing you need to do to make your office functional. Everything that is old, out of place and not functioning should be taken out. You need all the space you can get for important office furniture and hardware. Go for the minimalist route where the most important office things should stay.

2. Create An Effective Workstation

A big desk, preferably an L-shaped desk if possible, a storage cabinet or storage shelf and a comfortable and ergonomic office chair. These three are the most important furniture your office can have because it can promote productivity, comfort and functionality. You don’t want to work using the dining room table right?

3. Invest In The Right Office Gadgets

A modern, professional and productive office requires more than a desk, an office chair and storage cabinet. This means you have to spend a little money to make everything work. You need to have a good internet connection, preferably wireless so that all your other smart devices can connect, a laptop or a desktop, an external hard drive or personal cloud drive to save all important documents, a combo printer/fax/scanner/copier machine, perhaps a phone, a coffee maker and a Bluetooth speaker if you want to listen to music while working.

4. Hide All The Cables

Organize and hide all your computer, printer, coffee machine cables. It’s really an eyesore if your client sees all the tangled cords in your office. Zip ties will be your best friend.

5. Lighting

A fluorescent or an LED lamp is good to open up the space in your office and it will prevent your office from looking and feel dank. Your office needs to be stylish too. Add some functional and stylish lamps that will create a warm atmosphere. You can have a task light for any close up work and a pendant lamp for some ambient lighting.

The look and feel of your office matters to your customers. It doesn’t have to be the biggest space to make a good impression, but it should be professional looking and functional.

8 thoughts on “How To Make Your Small Home Office Look Professional

  1. Timothy Ibarra says:

    In today’s modern world most of the people work from home. Some don’t want to work from home since this will remove some benefits such social interaction. But if you have you to work from home you must also have a home office that will look like some normal offices or much better.

  2. Jim Allen says:

    Thanks for the suggestions. I found #2 resonates with me. Having a comfortable and professional looking desk setup is helpful in getting in the work mindset at my home office.
    I also struggle with clutter and saving too much stuff, so maybe I should take #1 to heart as well.

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