Avoid Christmas stress

Stop The Chaos: Tips To Surviving Festive Season Stress – with FREE Holiday Planners

So here we are, at the end of November and we’re about to get into the full swing of the festive season.

Are you ready for it?

If you’re hosting a party or an event in December, no doubt you’re busy planning and budgeting. Download our free holiday planners below to streamline your plans and ease the stress.

Even the most dedicated preparation can come undone if something doesn’t go to plan. Here are a few tips to help you keep your cool, avoid the chaos and survive the festive season stress-free!

Stop The Chaos: 5 Tips To Surviving Festive Season Stress

1. Use Lists To Help You Stay On Track

Goal: Alleviate stress and keep focused on what needs to be done.

Chaos: You start to feel overwhelmed by the amount of things to do on the list.

Solution: Delegate tasks to others to help manage the tasks.

2. Look After Yourself

Goal: Take time to ensure that you enjoy the fruits of your hard work and that you’re not exhausted by the party planning.

Chaos: You start to feel angry and bitter that you’re hosting this year and wish you had never agreed to it.

Solution: In all your planning stages, make time for yourself. You might want to get your hair and nails done, or catch up with a friend on Christmas Eve, or go for a run every morning even though you have lots of things to do that day. Looking after yourself first means you will be happier and more focused.

3. Say No!

Goal: Stick to your plan

Chaos: You start to feel pressured to take on more tasks or attend things you don’t want to.

Solution: Have a few phrases ready to knock back any requests that don’t fit into your plan. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, your NO answer shouldn’t need long-winded explanations. For example:

  • I’m sorry I can’t meet you today. How about next Friday?
  • No thanks, I can’t do that today.
  • Thanks for thinking of me but I’m busy, next time for sure.

4. Push Back

Goal: Stay focused and don’t be drawn in to the plans of others.

Chaos: Requests or “helpful suggestions” from other people excited about the festive season.

Solution: Suggestions (good and bad) can be handled a few ways. For example:

  • That’s a great idea, Mary. I’ll leave that with you to organize while I look after the rest.
  • I really like that idea but it’s too a bit late to organize now. You can look at doing that next year.
  • I’m not sure that’s a good idea, maybe we should consider it for next year.

5. Remember The Reason For Celebrating

Goal: Enjoy time with family and friends.

Chaos: Getting through the task list, added distractions, interruptions or mishaps along the way.

Solution: Before you even begin, remind yourself that nothing is perfect. Things won’t go exactly to plan, but it’s how you respond to changes that will make the difference to having a good or bad outcome. Talk to your family about what you liked the year before and what you didn’t like. Plan to make the holiday season memorable and more meaningful.

Download Our FREE Holiday Planners

If you love writing lists, printing out worksheets and filling in details to stay organized, then these FREE planners will be great during the holiday period.

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What’s Included In The Holiday Planners Pack?

holiday planners

Whatever you need help with, we have it covered with these worksheets:

  • Christmas Gift Ideas
  • Christmas Gifts Given
  • Christmas Gifts Received
  • Christmas Gifts Budget Planner
  • Christmas Card/Call List
  • Christmas Cards Received/Update information
  • Christmas To-Do List
  • Gift Wish List
  • Gifts Received & Thank-You Log
  • Family New Year’s Resolutions
  • Christmas Entertaining And Parties
  • Christmas Dinner Party Planner
  • Christmas Luncheon Planner
  • Christmas Party Guest List
  • Christmas Party RSVP List
  • Party Music PlayList
  • Party Planner
  • Party Budget Planner
  • Children’s Party Planner
  • Children’s Party Schedule
  • Children’s Party Budget Planner
  • Caterer Contact List

Bonus: Just Added for Thanksgiving

We’ve just added two more worksheets:

  • Gratitude List
  • Grocery Worksheet

Here’s what people say about our Holiday Planners:

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How To Get Your FREE Holiday Planners Pack

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From there, simply Sign Up (or login if you are already a member) and you can access the downloads right away.

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Have fun getting organized for Christmas and the festive season. You’ll be so relaxed and enjoy the season to its fullest!

Happy Holidays!

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