First Week of December Your Christmas Organizing Checklist

First Week of December: Your Christmas Organizing Checklist

It’s that time of year again! Time to hang a wreath on your door and put up Christmas lights.

Prepping for Christmas might sound fun and easy, but it comes with its challenges and stress. That’s why this week’s blog will get you in the organized mindset for setting up for Christmas.

This blog is brought to you from one of our most supportive members, Terry.

Terry is a long-time member of the Get Organized Wizard community. She leads a small group at her local community center through the Get Organized Wizard programs, helping others to simplify their life and be happier.

We thank Terry and her group for their wonderful contributions to Get Organized Wizard.

10 Step Christmas Organizing Checklist

1. Purchase Gifts or Give a Homemade Gift

  • Make a list of names for people you want to give a gift to. It could be something you purchase or your could bake something!
  • Shop early (this week if possible!) and watch out for sales.

2. Wrap Gifts

  • Purchase wrapping paper or use cloth bags lined with tissue paper to wrap your gifts.
  • Put the labels on them now so you don’t forget who the presents are for.

3. Decorate Outside

  • Check to make sure your Christmas bulbs all work; replace burnt out bulbs.
  • Hang the lights up wherever you please. If using a ladder, make sure someone is around to hold the base for you.

4. Decorate Inside

  • Place wreaths, ornaments and mistletoe around the house.

5. Buy a Real Tree

  • For those with allergies, purchase a fake tree to be used over and over again.
  • Make sure you find a nice spot for your new tree. The living room is the most popular spot for most Christmas trees.

6. Decorate Tree with Tinsel, Bulbs and Ornaments

  • Throw out any tatty decorations from previous years and add new sparkly decorations to your collection.
  • If you have kids, get them to help out with the decorating.
  • Don’t forget the star on top.

 7. Buy/Order Christmas Cards or Create a Newsletter

  • Create a Christmas card list.
  • Keep your list small.
  • Keep your list updated.
  • Keep the card simple.
  • Sign the cards.
  • Address the envelopes.
  • Mail cards early – start mailing during the first two weeks of December.
  • Attach Christmas card to the gifts you will see of friends & family deliver personally.

8. Grocery Shopping

  • Create your holiday menu.
  • Don’t get too ambitious! Keep it simple so you aren’t rushing to make difficult recipes at the last minute.
  • Ingredients to shop for [main meals, snacks, baking, desserts].

9. Family Christmas Traditions:

  • Special movies.
  • See the lights.
  • Holiday festival.
  • Visit Santa.
  • Bake cookies.
  • Cookies for Santa.

10. Set Your Financial Limit and Stay Within This Limit.

  • It’s not what you purchase or make, it’s the thought that counts.

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Have a very merry December!

This post was previously published Nov 2014 and updated Nov 2018.

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