How To Get The Most Out Of Your Goals & Priorities Diary

Goals and Priorities Diary

Make This The Year You Achieve Your Goals

What gets in the way of you achieving your goals?

Often what stops people is:

  1. Not being clear about what their goals are
  2. Not translating their goals into specific tasks that move them closer to their goals
  3. Not taking regular steps toward goal achievement.

Clarifying goals, chunking them down, and scheduling them is exactly what the Goals & Priorities Diary is all about.

It’s a systematic, stress-free way to advance your goals – day by day, week by week, month by month.

‘I downloaded it to my PC and began to see whether it would work for me. I quickly realized that it was a fabulous tool! It provides the ability for both long and short term planning. It allows me to make plans for a day, a week, a quarter, or an entire year. The best lesson, however, was learning to identify, accomplish and check off the Top 3 Priorities for each day.’

~ Laura

How To Get The Most Out Of The Goals & Priorities Diary

To help you use the diary to really move ahead with your goals, here are some tips for you.

1. Start The Year By Planning Your Goals

Begin the year by completing the Current Year Goals to create a list of goals.

These goals may change over time, but your initial list will help you to get yourself started, and to get some good goal habits in place.

2. Schedule Monthly ‘Goal Meetings’ With Yourself

Before the start of each month, take yourself off to a cafe or pour yourself glass of wine and take some time to complete the Goals Planner exercise.

Keeping this monthly appointment with yourself will help you to structure your goal setting and maintain momentum over the year.

3. Complete Your Top 3 Priorities First Each Day

Ideally, use the daily planner to complete your top 3 priorities before anything else each day.

This way, regardless of what else your day brings up, you’ll make regular progress toward your goals.

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  1. Yves Normandin says:

    Can I get the diary without the auto filing field? I use a surface Microsoft with a pen and it would be easier to write in the rectangles if there was not the auto filed fields.


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