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Relax & Chill: Slide Into The Festive Week With These Holiday Funnies

It’s no secret that the Christmas season can be stressful, but you can help reduce your stress in a lot of different ways. One of the best ways to feel happier and more festive is to see the humor in things. That’s not always easy to do when you have holiday shopping and baking to contend with, along with family coming in from out of town, kids clinging to your ankles, and a tree with half the lights out.

It can feel overwhelming.

Don’t give up on the Christmas spirit, though. You really can get through the holidays and enjoy them, even if things aren’t always perfect. Here are a few great pics to make you smile and relax.

Feeling Like This? You aren’t alone!

GOW Christmas humor

You know you need to be festive and cheerful, but there’s a part of you that’s just plain grumpy. All the noise and lights, all the wrapping of presents and entertaining people from out of town…it can definitely make you feel frazzled and annoyed. But just like this unimpressed Christmas kitty, you have a joyous, festive side that just has to come out sometime. So put on your Santa hat and get started having fun. Even if the hat’s a little crooked or you need a couple extra bobby pins to make it stay put, wearing something that fits the Christmas spirit and the joy of the season can help you see the happy side of things.

Maybe This is More Your Style?

moose 3017378 1280

Eyes crossed, looking a little dazed, barely hanging on…it’s easy to see that the holiday season can often make you feel this way. But remember that you’re not alone. Take the time to sleep, or rest, have a cup of cocoa, or whatever you need to do to feel better about things. Just don’t eat the entire batch of gingerbread cookies you made, or have too much of the “special” eggnog that’s just for the adults. While this little guy in the picture looks mostly stressed out and frazzled, he could also be hung over and queasy – and that’s no way to start off the holiday festivities. Clear heads usually prevail, and that’s a good thing.

Spend Some Time Relaxing

santa claus at beach 3760200 1280

You need a break. Even if you haven’t really gotten started yet, you might feel like a break’s in order. The holidays are supposed to be a beautiful time with loved ones. The shiny ornaments on the tree, the quiet of a snowfall, and all the peace of the wrapping up of one year and the clean slate of starting another…it’s enough to bring a tear to your eye. Of course, you can’t see the loveliness of all of it if you’re feeling stressed and crazy. Make sure you set some time aside just for you. Even if it’s just an hour or two, it really can make a lot of difference in your levels of happiness.

The Outdoors Can Improve Your Mood

snowman 1882635 1280

Go outside! No, really. Even if it’s snowing and cold, just bundle up and go out for a few minutes. If you get a sunny day, no matter the temperature, step out and let the sun shine on your face for a couple of minutes. Being in nature can help you feel a lot better, and whether you live in the country or the city there are always a few spaces where you can appreciate the world around you and the quiet of the earth itself. You don’t have to be surrounded by people and noise every second, and taking a bit of time to be in nature really will help you relax.

Take Lots of Family Pictures

kermit 1892046 1280

Want to look back on the holidays with happiness? You need fond memories. One of the best ways to get those memories is to take plenty of pictures. As a matter of fact, don’t pose for a lot of them. Just grab your phone or camera and start snapping pictures of what’s going on around you. The joy of seeing other people having fun will help to lift your mood, and you might find some really funny moments you would have otherwise missed. Then you can create some down time where you all look at the photos together, which can add to the chill and relaxation you need during the holiday season.

Remember That It’s Important to Laugh!

santa claus 3048532 640

The main thing to remember during this holiday season is that laughter really is the best medicine. If you’re feeling down, overly tired, or you’ve just plain had too much of the chaos that can come along with holiday planning and partying, step back, take a deep breath, and laugh. You’ll feel better. Even forced laughter can help, and it might sound silly enough to give you a real case of the giggles. Then you’ll remember why you’re celebrating with the loved ones you don’t see too often, and you can be a part of the peace and the joy that comes with the season of giving and love.

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