How to Keep Things You Need Within Reach but Still Keep the Workspace Clear

How to Keep Things You Need Within Reach but Still Keep the Workspace Clear

You organize your desk, but it keeps getting messy. You just have a lot of things that you need nearby — and they’re always going to end up pulled out. Organisation isn’t just about keeping everything tucked away: it’s also about keeping the things that you need accessible.

1. The Importance of a Clean and Tidy Office

decluttered home office

Whether you have a home office or a desk at work, it’s better to keep things tidy and organized. An organized office is a productive office: you’ll be able to find everything you need close at hand, and you’ll feel less stressed at work. Studies have shown that being surrounded by clutter can naturally decrease your mood and increase your frustration levels.

But tidiness can’t get in the way of your efficiency. If you’re constantly tucking everything away, you’re also going to be constantly looking for things and pulling them out. You need a system for organizing things while still keeping your workspace clear.

2. Begin By Assessing Your Workstation

Small workstation

Is your desk large enough for all the items you need? At minimum, many people need their monitor, keyboard, mouse, and phone. You may also need a journal, schedule, or printer. Your desk space has to have enough room to comfortably work with all these things — and it should be ergonomic.

If you find yourself constantly battling clutter, it could just be that you don’t have enough space for the things that you need. It’s time to upgrade to a larger desk. Desks with internal shelving or a desk with a “hutch” can add a lot of additional organizational space.

3. Get Built-In Storage and Additional Shelving

Built-In Storage and Additional Shelving

Drawers and shelving are critical for keeping yourself organized. Don’t underestimate the power of a few well-placed shelves, or a desk that has enough drawers in which to store everything you need. If you have a desk that doesn’t include drawers, that could be part of your problem.

As mentioned, many desks sold have a separate hutch that goes with them. If you have the space, a hutch can solve many of your organizational problems. Just make sure that you keep the hutch itself well-organized. Schedule some time at the beginning or end of every month to go through the far reaches of your desk to find anything that may have been set aside.

4. Organize Your Items By the Frequency You Use Them

Organized Items

If you’re not sure where to put things, consider how frequently you use them:

  • Daily. These items should have a position on your desk, but they still need to be organized. Consider using desk caddies and inbox trays to organize these items.
  • Weekly. These items should be close at hand, but put away. Place anything you need on a weekly basis in your desk drawers, so they can be pulled out when you need them.
  • Monthly or rarely. These items don’t necessarily need to go in your desk: they can go in a file cabinet close to your desk, instead, to save on space.

By organizing your items in this way, you can keep down the clutter.

5. Make it a Habit to “Setup” and “Tear Down”

Make it a Habit to "Setup" and "Tear Down"

At the beginning of your day, pull out everything you need from your drawers. At the end of your day, put everything back in its place. When you’re inundated with work, it can become a habit to just leave things out. But by developing the right habits, you can reduce the overall clutter: instead of having a week’s worth of things on your desk, you’ll just have the stuff from that day.

Keeping your office well-organized is the first step to making sure you improve your productivity and your mood. If you find yourself struggling with keeping your workplace clear, it may be time to invest in a different workspace entirely. For more information about general organisation and decluttering, follow Get Organized Wizard.

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  2. Terry Currie says:

    Have a clean desk policy. Following a clean desk policy will help your organization reduce the risk of information theft, fraud, or a security breach caused by sensitive information being left unattended and visible in plain view.

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