Getting organized for Christmas: Weekly tasks/checklist

We all know that Santa Claus keeps a special list of who has been naughty and who has been nice during the year, to see who deserves some nice presents and who should get something less pleasant, such as lumps of coal in their stocking. Santa isn’t the only one who benefits from making lists during the holidays. For individuals scrambling to finish all their Christmas tasks, a checklist is vital for keeping everything organized.

Christmas is all about joy, love and celebration, but many busy people like yourself sometimes wind up experiencing frustration because of the many tasks that need to get done within a limited time frame.

What do you need to do before spending a dollar on Christmas gifts?

A bit of organization can go a long way during the holiday season. In fact, you’ll have a much better Christmas if you take a moment to get yourself organized. Here are checklist ideas for you to use, from well before the holiday season to the period just a few weeks before Christmas and what to do on the holiday itself.

Early Checklist for Pre-Christmas Activities

Early Checklist for Pre-Christmas Activities

If you’re the type who already likes to use lists to manage business as well as personal tasks, this should be a snap:

Block out time in your planner for every holiday-related activity across November and December. This includes shopping deadlines (for online as well as in brick-and-mortar stores) as well as ordering any special beverages or food items.

Figure out who’s hosting whom, and who you’re inviting over for Christmas. A checklist for guests will show you who plans to attend and who is going to probably be a no-show.

Figure out your budget! Stores know how to attract your eye and make you buy things you maybe shouldn’t. Instead of succumbing to their sales tactics, have a plan before you commence with any shopping.

Create your Christmas card list and check it twice! Don’t miss anyone. The last thing you want is to have to rush out to the store at the last minute to buy more cards and postage, let alone waiting in line to make sure they are postmarked in time.

Post letters to long-distance relatives early. Otherwise, you risk injuring people’s feelings if they think you forgot about them this year.

Compile wish lists for your close family’s present ideas. You might want to buy these items before you get any stocking stuffers.

Consider digital wish lists. Your children might already have some set up! At least you will know exactly what they want.

Sort through your decorations before buying any more. You might have all that you need, so you can avoid wasting money by making a quick check of what’s in style as well as what is damaged and needs replacing. LED lights are more energy efficient and last longer than conventional Christmas lights, so consider upgrading to the eco-friendly versions.

Checklist During the Weeks Before Christmas

Checklist During the Weeks Before Christmas

Plan your catering if you are going to be relying on outside assistance for the holiday feast. Or, are you planning on preparing it all yourself? Is every guest bringing a signature dish? If that’s the case, make sure that you sort out who is in charge of what, to avoid duplications or missing dishes.

Communicate before you go all out in spending. This makes for more efficient use of limited holiday funds.

Gift-wrap your presents with clear labels (and use high quality, holiday-themed adhesive tape to secure them.

Clean your home and make it ready for guests, from fresh linens and guest towels to anything else your loved ones might require.

Keep your eye out for sales. Saving money is good, but you certainly don’t need to buy things just because there’s a sale. Going into debt to purchase items for friends and family will lead to more anxiety, which no one needs.

Make room for last-minute changes. You cannot expect everything to go smoothly, despite your careful planning. Inclement weather could cause delays in items you are expecting to receive, for example, or prevent loved ones from arriving when everyone is expecting them.

Checklist for Christmas day:

Checklist for Christmas day:

There is really only one important task on your final checklist for Christmas.

Make sure you have fun! After all, this should be a day of making memories with the people you love above all else.

Thankful for Checklists

People like you who have so many things to do during the Christmas holiday season can easily feel overwhelmed without some semblance of organization. Using some simple task checklists for Christmas activities will make your holiday experience much more fun and enjoyable, and that’s what the season is all about!

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