How to Organize Toys Before the Christmas Gifts Arrive? 

How to Organize Toys Before the Christmas Gifts Arrive? 

For some children, there’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to all the toys they keep in their bedrooms. They might not even realize they have some presents now, because they forgot about opening those gifts three years ago and haven’t looked at them since.

Make things easier on yourself by organizing your children’s bedrooms and their possessions before they unwrap all the new presents this year!

1. Dispose of Broken Toys

Toys that are broken, malfunctioning or missing parts are no fun to play and can also be dangerous if not just downright annoying. Make a point of checking out which toys are obviously damaged so you can get rid of them now

Dispose of broken toys

However, if there are small items from a broken game that would be useful for use in other games, it’s worth hanging on to these individual components. For example, you could always use another pair of dice as a backup for a different chance-oriented game when tossing out something else.

2. Out With the Old and In With the New

One reason that clutter accumulates is that kids have outgrown their toys but are still hanging onto them. A toy sitting in a box unplayed for a year is a shame, especially when so many young people aren’t as fortunate to have something to play themselves. Give away toys that your children no longer care for, so that less fortunate children can get some enjoyment too. 

3. Provide Storage Bins and Shelving

You can’t keep a child’s room in order without some way to organize and store things, from school supplies to games and toys. Put some shelves on the walls and add storage bins before the holidays, so the rooms will be ready when new gifts arrive. Your kids might not be accustomed to putting things back on the shelf on a regular basis, so get them used to doing so now.

Provide storage bins and shelving

4. Teach Your Kids to Be Involved in Organizing Stuff

It’s best to start off early involving your kids in keeping things nice and squared away. They should learn how to sort their toys and to put everything back in its proper place when they’re done playing. Making organization a habit from an early age on is ideal for turning kids into responsible adults.

5. Accept the Chaos

Don’t worry about things not being totally perfect. Expect some chaos when children are involved. As long as the kids have managed to hide toys away in a bin when it’s time to clean up the playroom, half the battle is already won.

Expect some chaos when children are involved

6. Preparing Kids for an Uncluttered Future

A clean, uncluttered space (or as uncluttered as you can get when kids live in your home) is more fun to play in. Teach your offspring that by keeping things neat, they can enjoy playing with their presents all the more. Hopefully it will be a habit they cultivate into adulthood.

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  1. Natasha Smith says:

    Greetings, Kylie. Teaching kids to be involved in organizing stuff can be tiring but it is super fun and fulfilling. One of my kids always does the opposite but when I teach her something and whenever I try to apply reverse psychology it just doesn’t work. It took some time to get her to organize her own stuff but it sure is fulfilling and it’s helpful in the long run.

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