Rules to keep toys decluttered

Top Rules to Keep Toys Decluttered

As a parent, you probably look around your house and wonder where all the toys came from. Whether you have one child or several children, the number of toys seems to grow quickly. But you can take back your space and keep toys decluttered, without depriving your children of anything that’s important in their lives. Here are some great ways to declutter your kids’ toys and keep things more organized for the future.

1. Getting Toys Should be for Special Days

There’s nothing wrong with buying toys for your kids, but teaching them that toys are for special occasions can help reduce clutter. For example, buying toys for Christmas and birthdays makes sense. But buying toys “just because” is something that can be avoided. That will mean fewer toys in your home, and less clutter to worry about. It can also encourage children to play with the toys they have, instead of expecting new ones.

Getting toys should be for special days

2. A Focus on Hobbies Can Help

Rather than playing with toys all the time, your children can find something else to do that they like. Arts, crafts, and other hobbies can be good choices that don’t produce a lot of clutter, and that don’t involve toys. While there are still usually some supplies needed, that doesn’t mean your children need to have clutter all over the place. There are a lot of hobbies that don’t take up much space and won’t make a big mess.

A focus on hobby can help

3. Introduce the Power of Donating

When toys haven’t been used for a while, they can be donated, so other kids can enjoy them. Introducing your children to the power of donating is a good way to teach them about giving back, too. Let them decide what to donate, and — if there are options in your local area — also let them choose where their donations are going. Giving them a say in those things is important.

Introduce the power of donating

4. Provide Storage Options and Organization Skills

If you want to keep the toys clutter down, you need to make sure your children have spaces to store their toys. They also need to understand how to organize things, and the proper ways to put things away. Depending on their age, you may be able to explain and then let them handle it, or you may need to help them for a while. Either way, you’ll be teaching them a valuable and important skill that they’ll need for the future, too.

Provide storage options

Your home doesn’t have to look messy or cluttered just because you have children. Even with a busy schedule and a lot going on in your life, you’ll be able to organize your home and keep your children’s toys picked up and stored properly. Even young children can help keep things cleaned up, and can be taught to put their toys away properly when they’re done playing with them. It’s something you can all work on together, and will help make your home more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone who lives there.

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  1. Newton says:

    I have four nieces and nephews that are in the same age. When they come to visit it’s like a hurricane hit. Will try your tips. Thanks for sharing.

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