Organize Your Black Friday Shopping List

Organize Your Black Friday Shopping List

Black Friday offers a chance to buy desirable products at great prices. However, it can easily become hectic and stressful. To make the most of this event while saving time and money, don’t forget to prepare a well-organized shopping list.

1. Getting Started

Learn about this year’s Black Friday deals as early as possible. Before creating your final shopping list, write down the names of items you might buy. Research the products online and consider visiting a store. Cross off any merchandise that doesn’t meet your standards; examine or test the products in person, read online reviews from several sources and find out if clothing fits comfortably.

Don’t wait until the last minute or even the last week. Some retailers have already published their Black Friday ads on the internet by late October. While you’re visiting their websites, think about joining any worthwhile loyalty/reward programs before the event.

Getting started black friday deals

2. Further Research

Find out where things are located, especially if you’re not very familiar with a certain shop. Some retail websites show aisle numbers on their product pages (make sure you select the nearest store first). Write the locations on your shopping list.

Rain checks usually aren’t an option on Black Friday, so what can you do if an item is out of stock? One solution is to visit another store that offers price matching. Be sure to find out what retailers carry the same products and match prices during this event.

You might also avoid this problem by shopping on a different day. Certain shops start Black Friday specials one or two days early (you may have to buy online). A few retailers provide even earlier access for customers with paid memberships.

3. Multiple Lists

Create separate lists for different stores so you can quickly and easily find the information you need. Paper lists are a simple, reliable option, but you could use a specialized smartphone app if that works for you.

Number your lists and items by priority. If you really need a certain product or one store offers much bigger discounts than the others, you should prioritize it first. Keep in mind that retailers with less shelf space may run out of popular items more quickly.

Mutiple Lists

If you order any goods for curbside or in-store pickup, remember to print out the ready-for-pickup emails. Shoppers who don’t own printers ought to write down order numbers, store phone numbers and item names (to make sure you receive everything you bought).

4. Keeping Receipts

When you buy products to give as gifts, put the receipts in a separate file folder. Print out email receipts before they get buried in your inbox. This will make it easy to find them when someone has to return merchandise or request warranty service.

If you follow all of these tips, you’ll be ready for Black Friday and able to find the best bargains before time runs out. Thorough research and well-organized lists mean that you won’t forget important details or get slowed down by having to ask questions.

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