7 Questions to ask when throwing away stuff

7 Questions to ask when throwing away stuff

Making the decision to actually get rid of stuff you don’t want anymore may have taken you a while, but now that you’ve decided to eliminate unneeded things and make more space in your home, it’s worth giving the matter some consideration before you begin.

Here are 7 questions that you can ask yourself to get better results when you start throwing away your stuff.

1. Is an item broken?

Even if it’s for sentimental reasons, it’s not a good idea to hold onto things after they are non-functional. They’re just taking up space. If you can get them repaired, then do so immediately. Otherwise, arrange to have it recycled or toss it away as soon as possible.

2. Redundancy

Do I have more than one of the same thing? If it’s not something crucial that you need to always have backups for, be honest and check if you really need to own multiple versions of anything in your home. Allow yourself the luxury of letting local stores keep things in place for you until you actually need to go out and buy them!

3. Does this item fit me?

If you’re like many women, chances are good our closet is full of clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in quite some time. And with the passage of time, some articles of clothing may no longer fit you.  Whether they shrank in the wash or you have perhaps put on some additional padding, if an item doesn’t fit, give it to someone who can make better use of it.

Does this item fit me

4. Do I use this on a regular basis?

If you can’t even remember the last time you used a particular item, perhaps it doesn’t hold the significance in your life that you think it did. When something goes unused for extended periods of time, that’s a good sign that it’s not meant to stay under your roof. Wouldn’t it be nice to give it away or sell it to someone who can get more out of it?

5. Do I have vague plans that I will eventually use these items, but the plans never become reality?

If that’s the case, you can stop fantasizing about future use of these items. Give them a better place by donating them out of your home as soon as possible.

Do I have vague plans that eventually use these items

6. Am I holding onto this for sentimental reasons?

There’s no need to hang onto the past to make yourself feel better. If sentimental reasons are the sole motivation for owning an object, then the object really owns you.

7. Finally, is it something I love?

Definitely hold onto the things that you truly love.  They are an important part of your life and should always have a place of honor in your home. They’ll stand out much nicer when you reduce clutter by throwing away all the other things you don’t need.

Is it something I love

Life Will Be More Pleasant and Relaxing When You Finally Throw Out Unneeded Items

Hopefully, these seven questions will be thought-provoking and help give you the inspiration you’ve been craving to help you start freeing up your home and tossing away unneeded items. A clutter-free home that only holds what you truly love and what is useful is an admirable goal you can start working towards today.

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  1. Brantford Cleaners says:

    Decluttering is always a good idea. It helps you create more space by getting rid of the things you don’t use. Although many people have trouble throwing away their things, even if they don’t need them. I really enjoyed your post. These are great questions to ask ourselves if we should be keeping an item or not. The question that helped me the most is “do i use this on a regular basis?” This will help me when I start decluttering my house. Thank you

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