How to Store and Organize Your Holiday Decorations

How to Store and Organize Your Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations represent an important tradition in many homes. They revive fond memories and help make the season feel special. At the same time, decorations may become tangled and difficult to unpack. They can also take up a lot of storage space. These tips will help you avoid such problems:

1. Decluttering

As you unpack and set up decorations, throw away anything that’s broken and can’t be fixed (such as defunct string lights). An advantage of unpacking them early is that you’ll have plenty of time to buy any replacements you may need.

If a decoration remains intact but sits unused for at least two years, it may be time to give away or sell this item. Perhaps you no longer have the time and energy needed to put up outdoor lights. There’s no need to keep them in a box forever.

unpack and set up decorations

You might not have enough space to set up some of your holiday decorations. Take the time to look at them and think about whether you’re likely to ever use them again. You could donate these items or plan to use them next year by storing them more accessibly than other ornaments.

2. Packing Up

When you’re done with your holiday decor for the season – whether it’s December 26th or April 2nd – you can take steps to make it easier next year. For example, you could prevent tangles by wrapping string lights around rectangular pieces of cardboard. People often cut slits or notches in the rectangles.

When packing, you can use plastic bins or sturdy cardboard boxes. Consider sorting items by purpose. For instance, tree decorations might go in one box and holiday-themed tableware in a different bin. You could devote smaller boxes to seasonal music, mantelpiece ornaments and excess supplies (like unused greeting cards).

If you use a large box, you can pack tree decorations so that you’ll unpack them in the order you place them on the tree. Many people put lights on first followed by garland and then ornaments. Be careful not to store anything heavy on top of fragile objects.

Do you have an artificial tree? If so, you can extend its lifespan by carefully preparing it for storage. After removing ornaments and cleaning the tree, disassemble or fold it up. This process differs depending on the specific model. Next, put it in an artificial tree storage bag. Don’t use the original cardboard box.

3. Storage Area

Keep your holiday decorations in a seldom-disturbed space. Seal the boxes with packing tape for extra protection. Label each box or bin, and mark it as fragile if it contains delicate ornaments. Make sure your storage area keeps items safe from the likes of excessive moisture, very hot temperature, rodents and insects.

Holiday decor storage area

While these steps may demand some extra time and effort, they will help you have an enjoyable holiday season now and for years to come. Optimal storage and organization also reduces the amount of money you’ll need to spend on replacement lights and ornaments.

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