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Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of 7 Days To Better Productivity & Time Management.

Today’s task will take about 1 hour.

We’re going to begin by identifying your very best way to work. We’ll uncover your ideal productivity style so that you’ll be able to get more done, with more natural motivation, and without willpower or tricks.

Let’s start!

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256 thoughts on “Day 1: Unlock Your Optimum Productivity Style

  1. Lisa says:

    I need this desperately at this time. I have a busy full time real estate career, husband, 2 kids in college and a father who recently broke his hip. I need to be at his rehab every afternoon for a while. I feel pulled in so many directions all while I am healing a torn meniscus and just now getting over PT and in process of ditching my crutch. Too many days I feel flustered and so overwhelmed that productivity seems impossible, much less cooking, cleaning and laundry.

    I handle multiple projects every day although I do better when i can see results from completing a few. I appreciate spontaneity because I have clients who call to see houses or list their home. I love my flexibility but it means people take advantage of it. I am productive in personal tasks in the morning, professional tasks late morning or afternoon and also in evening. When I am completing a project, I do best with a quiet environment with classical music in the background. I need to do a better job of time management and motivation. It is too easy to procrastinate and I need to get that under control!

  2. Lucille says:

    Morning, routine, quiet and a few projects at a time is best for me.
    Maybe I’ll go to the library to focus and avoid distractions.

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