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Life Management Strategies


A collection of my blog articles on goals, perfectionism, procrastination, happiness, relationships, style, health, and money.

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What Is It?

Life Management: Strategies For Having The Life You Want is a collection of my blog articles on goals, perfectionism, procrastination, happiness, relationships, style, health, and money.

Life Management Strategies

Topics include:

  • Achieving goals
  • Improving relationships
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Avoiding perfectionism
  • Having your own personal style
  • Being happier
  • Organizing money
  • Being healthy.

It’s filled with ideas and inspiration for thinking differently and taking action.

Who Is It For?

Life Management Strategies

Life Management Strategies is perfect for:

  1. People looking for inspiration for achieving their goals
  2. People who struggle with perfectionism and procrastination
  3. People who want to learn happiness skills
  4. People who want better relationships
  5. People who want to organize their health, money and style.

What Do You Get?

Life Management Strategies

Life Management Strategies is an interactive PDF of 268 pages and includes:

  • 77 articles from my blog on goals, perfectionism, procrastination, happiness, relationships, style, health, and money
  • a personal to-do list for you to complete for each article.

What Will You Gain?

Life Management Strategies

Life Management Strategies offers you many, many ways to think differently and take action:

  • Do You Know What You Want To Be?
  • Flick The Switch From Procrastination To Action
  • 3 Things You Must Do To Succeed At Anything
  • 5 Things You Must Do To Avoid Deathbed Regrets
  • How To Be Happier: Diversify Your Happiness
  • A Little Strategy To Help You Remember Stuff
  • How To Stop Procrastinating? Sit Down To Write
  • 15 Relationship Lessons From 15 Years Of Marriage
  • Would You Answer The Door In That?
  • This Time It’s Different: 3 Keys To Reaching An Elusive Goal
  • 3 Great Reasons To Start Today
  • Personal Style Clinic: 7 Dos & Don’ts For Upgrading Your Look
  • Is Clutter Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals?
  • Reboot Your Motivation With Some Small New Beginnings
  • How To Get What You Want: 3 Dos & Don’ts
  • 6 Dos And Don’ts For A Calm & Ordered Year
  • 20 Things To Tick Off Before The End Of The Year
  • Giving Thanks: 5 Little Notes Of Gratitude
  • Are You An Over-Saver?
  • Simplify Your Life: What Not To Do
  • Simplify Your Life: What Not To Wear
  • Join Me: Be An Escalator Eschewer
  • How to Cut an Annoying Intro out of a Song
  • Can’t Kick A Bad Habit? Here’s What You’re Doing Wrong
  • Get Organized in 5 Minutes: Batch Birthday Shopping
  • How To Get Your Groove Back (THEN You Can Get Organized)
  • 6 Exercises For Improving Your Relationship
  • How To Survive Your High School Reunion
  • Dos and Don’ts for Surviving a High-School Reunion
  • Get Organized For Sickness
  • How to Use Procrastination to Get More Done
  • 3 Times When You Should Burn Your Bridges
  • How To Change Habits: My 3-Cubed Formula
  • Get Organized in 5 Minutes: Flick Negative Feelings
  • What To Do About Change You Don’t Want, And Can’t Control
  • 5 Steps To Making Peace With Change
  • 3 Strategies For Having – And Being – More Fun
  • How Clutter Can Hold You Back – From Love, Success & Health
  • Your Happiness Depends On Your Thoughts
  • Successful New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Things You Must Know To Achieve Goals and Change Habits
  • 3 Lessons for Achieving Goals, Changing Habits and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions
  • Do You Use Information as Procrastination?
  • Goal Setting 101: How To Use SMART Goals to Change a Habit
  • How To Feel Happier Now? Face It!
  • My Partner is a Hoarder. Help!
  • Organize Your Audio For Learning & Pleasure
  • What Do Your Tools Say About Your Goal Commitment?
  • Declutter Your Life – Get More Energy
  • Why Self-Improvement is Like Slaying Vampires
  • Organize Your Fitness: How To Create A Super-Simple Interval Training Playlist
  • 7 Smart Strategies For Saving Money During The GFC
  • 5 People Who Aren’t Responsible For Your Happiness
  • Student Success: How To Become A SMART Student Before Summer’s Over
  • Optimize Your Chance of Goal Success
  • How To Be A More Organized Traveler – Around The World or In Your Car
  • Organizing Q & A | Organizing – & Sharing – Your Fave Web Resources
  • Getting Organized Quick Tip: How To Short-Circuit Perfectionism and Procrastination
  • Organizing Q & A | How To Deal With OPD – Other People’s Disorganization: My Top 3 Tips
  • 11 Great Reasons To Be Happy
  • Organizing Q & A:  A Morsel a Day Keeps the Bingeing Away
  • Smart Goals: 5 Steps To Smart Goal Setting
  • Good Relationships: 10 Tips To Make Sure You Never Have Them
  • Setting Goals, Achieving Goals – Dos & Don’ts
  • Organize Your Eating: The Top 10 Diet Mistakes
  • Organize Your Health & Fitness: How to Dodge Gym Germs
  • How to be Happier: A Scientifically Proven Strategy that Costs Nada
  • Your Child’s School Progress: How to Stop Worrying and Start Organizing
  • Organizing Your Finances: Get Organized to Pay Bills on Time
  • Personal Development: Getting Organized to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • An Organized Handbag: The Ultimate Symbol of a Smart Woman.