Download Your Free, Interactive, Printable To-Do Lists for Home

Your free interactive, printable to-do lists, covering Home, Family, Study, Work, Personal Goals and more are available below. All beautifully laid out and fully interactive – type directly into the lists, search, save & print. Or simply print and write if you prefer.

Option 1: Download all files in a single zip file

The download file is a zip file. After downloading, double-click the zip file to unzip the PDF files.

>> Click here to Download your Printable To-Do Lists <<

Option 2: Download individual files from Dropbox folder

To download each individual file, you can access them here from a shared Dropbox folder:

>> Click here to Access the Dropbox folder <<

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18 thoughts on “Download Free Printable To-Do Lists

  1. Ellen says:

    Link was kind of misleading – I clicked a link from CHADD for free download for helping my add teen organize her room – that’s not available unless I pay or premium.

    At bait and switch.

    • Kylie Browne says:

      Hi Ellen,
      It worries me that there may be a link out there promising something we don’t deliver on. We don’t have a free download specifically for helping teens get organized, paid or free. We do promote our generic printable to-do-lists across many sites however, so maybe there has been some confusion somewhere. I have been on the CHADD website looking for the link you’re referring to but I can’t find it. If you do happen to come across it again would you mind sending the link to me so I can look into it further? I’d appreciate the help.
      All the best,
      Kylie, Community Manager

  2. Hope says:

    Thank you. I like how the lists are clutter free. Easy to stay focused and easy on the printer when there’s no doddles and blocks of big bold colors that too many others have. Finally having lists I can use is a great start for me to be more organized.

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