Free, Interactive, Printable To-Do Lists

printable to do lists

Tons of free interactive, printable to-do lists and templates to save you time creating your own.

We have printable to-do lists to get organized, printable to-do lists for work, printable weekly to-do lists, printable daily to-do lists and things to do templates.  We have hundreds of cool list templates covering Home, Family, Study, Work, Personal Goals and more.

Printable To-Do Lists

Here’s an example of some of our most popular free to-do lists:

  • Movies to See
  • Books to Read (Non Fiction)
  • Starting my Own Blog
  • Activities to Try
  • Exercise Log (by Child)
  • Weekend Activities
  • Interests
  • Healthy Food Checklist
  • Healthy Meals Planner
  • Weekly Chores Roster
  • Yearly Activities Planner
  • Master Goals List
  • Bills to Pay
  • Stress Management
  • To-do List (Weekly)
  • Master To-do List

All beautifully laid out and fully interactive โ€“ type directly into the lists, search, save & print. Or simply print and write if you prefer.

All products work with the free Adobe PDF Reader.

48 thoughts on “Free Printable To-Do Lists

  1. Charity Duncan says:

    Thanks for offering the free printable to do lists. Sadly, event though I have Adobe on my computer, I could not download it. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

    • Kitrina says:

      Your local library allows you to print for free a large amount of pages place to place will vary, our local library in Everett allows up to 50 or 60 pages only black and white that are free, they charge for colored no matter the amount, and after it’s only 5ยข for black n white, and 10ยข colored pages.

  2. Moses Cherrington says:

    Amazing and practical resources. Thank you to all who are sharing their wisdom in these resources. I very much appreciate your focussed work. The result of your work is that you are all empowering this 61 year old male, who suffered a stroke 8 years ago that there is hope for us as we put into practise the contents of your resources.
    I am planning on writing a book about the Rehabilitation Pathway of a stroke survivor, create an audio book, a workbook, an ebook, a blogg, a vlog and your resources are empowering me to become focussed on setting short and long term goals.
    As a toastmaster one of my future speeches will be about “Get organised Wizard” entitled ” The value of being organised as taught to me by Michele”.
    I will record it and share it with you if you wish.
    You have a very talented team Michele:-)

  3. Metanine says:

    Thank you for putting them in writing, formatting them and publishing. Been working on being more organized for what seems like ages. I have foun several great tools. Have homework to do for a while. It will make my life simpler

  4. Sandra says:

    Thanks for these to do lists! I will immediately plan in time to fill them up! Hope i can organize my home with them.

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