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Home & Personal Organization    
Is this you?   Then you need:  

My home is a mess and I don’t know where to start

I need to get organized but I don’t have the time or energy to tackle such a big project

I want to get rid of clutter

AND I prefer to spend 5 minutes a day

Organize In 5

Organize In 5 e-Program
Daily 5-minute organizing projects
• Delivered by email
• Private forums
BONUS: How To Declutter Your Life
• US$4.95 per month


AND I prefer to spend 30 minutes a week

52 Missions

52 Missions e-Program
Weekly 30-minute organizing projects
• Delivered by email
• Free and Premium versions


Life Design & Self Improvement    
Is this you?   Then you need:  

I’ve put my own needs aside for too long

I want to reinvent my life – keep some things, change others

I want to work on many areas – home, body, time, work, money – everything!

I’m ready for a life makeover

I want to be my best, and I want a structure for making it happen

I’m sick of procrastinating about the life I want – I’m ready to take action

AND I’m a self starter – just give me the system and let me at it

Life and Goal Organizer

Life & Goal Organizer
Comprehensive, self-directed goal and life organizing system
• 12 life areas
• Easy-start menu and interactive navigation
• 348 pages
• Available alone or in cost-effective packs
BONUS: See Product Comparison Grid for bonuses
• From US$79


AND I like to have things provided for me one piece at a time, so I don’t feel overwhelmed

Design Your Life

Design Your Life e-Program
Comprehensive, guided goal and life organizing program
• 12 life areas over 12 months
• 52 weekly e-classes
• Happiness, Decluttering and Email-Management e-booklets
• Life Makeover Journal
• Optional videos
• Accountability forums
• Action planners
• Achievable action steps
• Personal dashboard
BONUS: Includes Organize In 5 e-program
BONUS: 550+ interactive planners, to-do lists, charts, schedules, and organizers
• US$49 per month


Complete Life Organization    
Is this you?   Then you need:  

I love getting organized and improving myself

I love lists and planning

I like having a range of products and programs so I pick what I want to use at any time

AND I want to get started now!

The Works Pack

The Works Pack
• Includes all products for immediate download
• Includes all e-programs, pre-paid for one year
• Includes all bonuses
• Start each program when you’re ready – all at once, or staggered
• US$349


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