Personal Development: Getting Organized to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Expanding your comfort zone is one of those things you can’t help doing once you make the decision.

The trick is to think ahead about the areas where you want to grow.

Choose a growth area and you’ll start to notice opportunities – then you just need to give yourself a little encouragement to take one small step at a time.

Ideas for expanding your comfort zone

  • Speaking up in meetings
  • Wearing more interesting clothes
  • Going somewhere new
  • Starting a conversation with someone
  • Seeing a different kind of movie
  • Reading a book from an unfamiliar genre
  • Going to a restaurant with cuisine you’ve never tried
  • Traveling to a new holiday destination
  • Shopping somewhere different
  • Changing the order in which you do things
  • Trying a new brand of something – anything!
  • Doing something different at the gym
  • Switching radio stations
  • Buying music from a new artist or genre

Open yourself up to new things and you’ll find that as your comfort zone expands, so too does your confidence. Just be gentle with yourself!

In what areas would you like to expand your comfort zone?

Image by Yemisi Blake

2 thoughts on “Personal Development: Getting Organized to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Yvonne says:

    I am go to get out of my comfort zone by signing up for a jewellery making course at my local village hall. For me this is a big thing on it something new i would like to make jewellery and wear my own creations, an the second one is to make new friends as i have just moved to wales in the 8 months i am a shy person and hard for me to make new friends thank you for all your ideas


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