Time Management: Be Organized to Waste Less Waiting Time

Be Organized to Waste Less Waiting Time Waiting rooms at the surgeries of doctors and dentists are not places you want to spend time.

There’s the array of 2-year-old magazines bearing disturbing stains, the dude scratching himself beside you, from whom you’re convinced you’ve just contracted Ebola, and the rush to be on time only to still be sitting there, 45 minutes later.

But you can organize yourself to minimize the time you waste in waiting rooms. Here’s how…

Be Organized to Waste Less Waiting Time

1. Take the first appointment of the day

This is your best chance of getting in on time. There’s no opportunity for the doc to fall behind. Except with you.

2. Call ahead.

This is especially useful if you have an appointment later in the day, but which time the delays have accumulated.

I always ring the surgery at the time I would have to leave to be on time for my appointment. I say:

“Hi, I’m Michele and I have an appointment with Dr Drooplehead at 4pm. I was just checking whether she’s running on time or whether you can advise me what time I should arrive.”

Invariably I’m told to turn up 30 – 60 minutes later. That’s quality time I don’t have to spend with Ebola-guy.

3. Take something you can do in a waiting room.

You need to be ready to move when you’re called, there may be kids crying, and there’ll be people going in and out. Choose something that doesn’t require space, shut-down time or great concentration. Ideal options include:

  • A reading file – magazine articles, reports, etc
  • Your PDA or diary – review upcoming tasks or appointments.
  • Relaxation – open a game on your phone or PDA, or do the crossword if you have a magazine or newspaper
  • Phone de-cluttering – delete ancient items in your inbox and sent items, cull your photos, streamline your SMS
  • Plan/make notes on an upcoming work project or personal goal – itemize tasks, resources, priories, objectives, etc

Before you know it, they’ll be calling your name. Better not keep them waiting!

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