This Month’s Prize: From Procrastination To Action Workbook

From Procrastination To Action Congratulations to our two 52 Organizing Missions winners for this month!

Sarah: “I loved how filling a huge trash bag with crap made me feel better about myself. The satisfaction I felt when I threw that bag into the trash was awesome.”

Miriam: “Mission #1 Completed!!!! So much fun I kept on for another hour. Procrastinated on this for so long and it was SO EASY!”

They each win a copy of From Procrastination To Action.


June Prize: From Procrastination To Action

From Procrastination To Action contains 52 motivating blog posts – all in one attractive, easy-to-read, interactive PDF.

Open at any page and you’ll find a fresh, motivating idea to help you get better organized and move from procrastination to action. Topics include productivity, home organization, time management, personal organizing strategies and lots more.

There’s an interactive action to-do list for every post – so you can turn that motivation into action right away. Plus there are live links to free downloads. Learn More.

Get Organized, Leave Comment, Win Prize!

Want to be next month’s winner?

Simply leave a comment letting us know you’ve completed a 30-minute organizing mission at the bottom of the post.

Every month we’ll choose one commenter to receive a cool prize. (For added incentive, we may be biased toward people who complete more than one mission.)

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10 thoughts on “This Month’s Prize: From Procrastination To Action Workbook

  1. kay wolter says:

    I opened Your web site for the first time and fell in love and after reading for 30 minutes I went downstairs and filled 2 large trash bags with paper and magazines and 2 large bags to give to mission and drove to mission ASAP and paper gater so I had no second thoughts wow a whole corner cleaned in 1 hour 30 minutes looked at for 3 years…..amazing

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