Getting Organized is Easier & More Fun than Ever – With the NEW 52 Organizing Missions iPad App

52 Organizing Missions iPad app

UPDATE: ‘Must-buy’ Best iPad App

Popular iPad review site Appolicious has named our brand-new 52 Organizing Missions iPad app a Best App of the week.

Here’s what they say:

"For anyone who’s had the goal of getting organized, yet can’t seem to find the time to make it happen — or just don’t know where to start — 52 Organizing Missions is a must-buy app."

How cool is that! 🙂


I’m so excited to let you know that the 52 Organizing Missions iPad app is now available at the app store!

When I was thinking of which product to iPad-ize first, I knew it had to be 52 Organizing Missions. That program has been hugely popular – but more importantly, it’s been super-successful, even for people who’ve struggled with clutter and disorganization for years. Or decades!

Here’s how it works.


The 52 Organizing Missions take 30 minutes, once a week. Even for the busiest person, that’s achievable.

You tackle home organization, time management, family, productivity, closet, and personal organization. So over the course of the program, you organize your home, work and personal life.

And each mission is broken down into easy-to-follow steps. Just read the simple instructions, set the timer, and you’ll be on your way. Easy peasy!


My Missions

You can use your natural motivation by choosing the missions you most want to achieve, and adding them to My Missions. Then do these ones first.


People find certain missions especially powerful. You can star your Favorites so you have a record of missions to re-visit.


As you do each mission you can mark it Completed – and view your growing list of completed missions any time. I just love seeing a list of completed goals!

Plus, as you complete missions, you earn badges. It’s fun and motivating to share your organizing success on Facebook. You might even motivate your friends to get organized!

Share your success on Facebook


If you have an iPad, the 52 Organizing Missions app is an easy, motivating and fun way to organize your home, work and personal life. And remember – it takes just 30 minutes a week.

Don’t think it can be done? Then check out the countless success stories.

What people are already saying…

“Just downloaded the 52 organizing missions, both on the iPad and on the computer. So many helpful ideas and tools to "make it happen"! Really looking forward to this and am more confident than ever before that this is one program that can really help. So much of what bogs me down is trying to make decisions on what needs to be done, and steps to get there are already taken care of. So…here I go, with a commitment to follow this program.”


“Since purchasing this app, I’ve completed one of the organizing missions and am thrilled! Not only are there wise and humorous instructions but there is a timer which you can race against. Normally organizing tasks take me forever, but this app saved me time. Well worth the money!!!”


Available on the App Store

PS Would you like to see other Get Organized Wizard products on the iPad or iPhone? Please leave a comment to let me know. 🙂

Michele Connolly, Get Organized Wizard

19 thoughts on “Getting Organized is Easier & More Fun than Ever – With the NEW 52 Organizing Missions iPad App

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  2. Becki says:

    I love the idea of your app but I wonder if the high price might scare some buyers away? People aren’t really used to paying more than $4.99 for apps … I bet you would sell more than twice as many if you halved the price. Just a friendly suggestion! Hope you don’t mind the feedback …

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  4. Cat says:

    Any chance of getting something for the Android? There’s a real void of home organization apps there, and I’d jump on any one that showed up!

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