30 Day Organize athon 22

30-Day Organize-athon | Day 22: Declutter Your Bag

30-Day Organize-athon 22

Welcome to the 30-Day Organize-athon!

In today’s 5 minutes we’re going to organize your purse, tote, man-bag, briefcase, satchel, book-bag, or whatever generally accompanies you when you’re out and about. I’m just gonna call it a bag for now. Smile

Think clarity, freedom and order

Day 22: Organize Your Bag

Step 1: Empty everything out of your bag.

Step 2: Neatly put back into your bag only those items you need, such as your:

  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Cell phone
  • Small make-up purse (ideally you’ll just have some basics – a neutral lipstick or lip balm, mascara, mirror, small bottle of fragrance)
  • Small tissue pack
  • Small, light umbrella (I walk a lot so I always keep one in my bag)
  • Sunglasses
  • Tampons
  • Hand cream
  • Mints
  • Pen and notebook.

Step 3: Be sure to toss out all the handbag clutter, including:

  • Floating tissues
  • Unneeded receipts
  • Ancient mints and gum
  • Loose coins
  • Random pens
  • Paper scraps
  • Accumulated hair accessories
  • Indecipherable notes
  • Icky make-up.

And you’re done!

Got an Extra 5 Minutes?

Declutter one of these:

  1. Declutter your wallet of old receipts, decrepit photos, loyalty cards for places you rarely visit (your wallet real estate is precious!), business cards, random papers, credit or store cards you don’t need (destroy with care), and any other random crap.
  2. Declutter your keyring of keys you don’t need. If you’ve forgotten what keys are for, put them on a separate ‘mystery’ keyring for later investigation. If you’re always fumbling for keys, arrange them in order of use – eg, car, garage, mailbox, top lock, bottom lock.
  3. Declutter your make-up purse of excess cosmetics, as well anything prehistoric, old-fashioned or funky smelling.

How liberating does that feel!

The 30-Day Organize-athon Mantra

Move fast. Don’t overthink. Let it go!

Start the 5-minute timer now.

Got a Question?

If you have questions about any of the 30-Day Organize-athon tasks, or the 30-Day Organize-athon program in general, please ask your question on this Q&A post or on this Facebook post.

I’ll put together a special Q&A post and answer the questions for you.

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See you tomorrow!

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