30-Day Organize-athon | Day 4: Declutter Your Bathroom Cabinets

30-Day Organize-athon 04

Welcome to the 30-Day Organize-athon!

In today’s 5 minutes we’re going to express-declutter the cabinets in your bathroom.

As usual, inhale a sense of clarity, freedom and order, then let’s get to it!

Day 4: Declutter Your Bathroom Cabinets

Step 1: Grab a large garbage bag.

Step 2: Open up your bathroom cabinets and, quickly scanning from top left to bottom right, toss into the bag:

  • Medicines past their expiration date*
  • Medicines for conditions that no longer apply*
  • Old, expired or yucky toiletries
  • Old, expired or yucky make-up
  • Old, expired or yucky bath/shower products
  • Ancient or dirty hairbrushes and combs
  • Old perfumes and lotions
  • Empty or mildewed bottles
  • Anything gross or unpleasant to use
  • Anything that hasn’t been used in the past 12 months.

Step 3: Throw your bag straight into the trash. Euw!

And you’re done!

Got an Extra 5 Minutes?

  1. Refresh your first-aid supplies:
    –  Make a list of items you need for a first-aid kit – including bandages, medicines, antiseptics and other emergency supplies appropriate for your family’s needs
    –  Check your bathroom cabinet for missing items and add these to your shopping list.
  2. Take everything out of your cabinets, wipe down the shelves, and return everything neatly.
  3. Rearrange your cabinets so that:
    –  Similar things are together (eg all oral care items are together), and
    –  Most commonly used items are most easily accessible.

Now don’t you just want to admire those cabinets?

The 30-Day Organize-athon Mantra

Move fast. Don’t overthink. Let it go!

Start the 5-minute timer now.

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Please leave a comment below to say you’ve completed today’s task.

See you back here tomorrow!

* Note: Most drugs can be thrown in the household trash, but consumers should take certain precautions before tossing them out, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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327 thoughts on “30-Day Organize-athon | Day 4: Declutter Your Bathroom Cabinets

  1. "Z" says:

    Okay, luckily my cabinets weren’t so bad because I do a pretty good job of tossing out things on a regular basis, BUT I did realize that we are in need of a first aide kit and some shelves to help us better organize our toiletries. 🙂

  2. Rae says:

    Yuck is right, really needed to wipe those cabinets clean. I spent about 15 min to completely clean them but it was so worth it. Happy!!!

  3. Robin says:

    Taking a break now! It’s been 1 hour! In order to do this the correct way, I had to clean out my linen closet first (make room for bathroom items), I also cleaned the bathroom cupboard, drawer, and 2 medicine cabinets. Almost done but this was not a 5 minute job.

  4. Caroline Wade says:

    Not looking forward to this one. My children’s bathroom is DISGUSTING!!! I will be back (promise) when I am done…lol. Had to stop by to get motivation.

  5. Jami says:

    Done. Did this last night but didn’t make it to the computer to leave a comment. Took about 20 min but got 2 large garbage bags full! It definitely needed to be done.

  6. MamaKiert says:

    Much longer than a 5-minute task, IMO. 🙂 But worth it. It took me 20-30 min, working quickly for the master bathroom–off to tackle the kids bathroom.

  7. Valerie says:

    Done with #4… and more! I also went ahead and did my linen closet next to the bathroom because I had the time. This ‘organize-athon’ is really motivating me. 🙂

  8. Cathy says:

    The US Department of Defense did a study on medications and found that dry medications generally have 90% efficacy 15 YEARS after their expiration date! Save our environment and your finances by considering if you still have need for the “expired” medication before disposing of it.

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