Get Organized For A Change Of Season

Reboot Your Motivation With Some Small New Beginnings


Today is the first day of winter in Australia, where I live.

I love the idea of making a fresh start with a new season.

A new season can offer a boost of energy and sense of possibility a bit like the January 1 effect. I always try to take advantage of it by adding a few new things to my life. Somehow, they add zing to my personal and business goals and rejuvenate my energy.

Some of the things I’m starting afresh today include:

  • Starting a brand new notebook, where I write my own version of morning pages most days
  • Using a new pen – it’s pink and has strawberries on it
  • Using a new candle in my office for my productivity ritual
  • Tossing out old skincare and opening new stuff – my skin gets very dry and I turn to industrial-strength emollients for the winter
  • Refreshing my exercise program by trying the new sculpt class at my gym (it starts next week)
  • Focusing on a new habit of working my core muscles while I sit at my desk
  • Treating myself to a new lip gloss
  • Beginning a new phase of my current work project.

I generally recommend you have less stuff. But occasionally buying something new can refresh your perspective and break you out of the motivation doldrums, especially when it comes to your personal presentation, fitness, or business and career goals.

Of course, just be sure to discard all the old stuff to avoid clutter!

Reboot Your Own Motivation

Wherever you are and whatever time of year it, you can reboot your own motivation by introducing a few new things to your life.

You could:

  • Buy a new outfit, or start wearing something you’ve been oversaving
  • Begin reading a new motivational or inspirational book, course or program (you can always check out mine! Smile)
  • Refresh your stationery – buy yourself a lovely new pen or notebook
  • Try a new class at the gym or hire a personal trainer
  • Get a new hair cut or color
  • Buy yourself some new bed linen in a color or print you’ve not bought before.

What will you hit the reset button on? I’d love to know!

[Image by Kelly Colgan Azar]

9 thoughts on “Reboot Your Motivation With Some Small New Beginnings

  1. Marcia Friaca says:

    Hi Michele,

    I really enjoy reading your “Get Organized Wizard” facebook – Love the tips!
    Michele, I do want to start fresh this season by organizing my basement. Do you have practical strategies for that?!



  2. Elizabeth N says:

    Hi Michele: I love, love, love reading your blogs; you have wonderful ideas! When I need a kick-start, I set a goal and then share my goal with a friend because I know they will ask me how I am doing as a way of keeping me on track, and to encourage me. I always want to be ready to give a good report when they ask, so I work on it every day. 🙂

  3. Michele Connolly says:

    @Ann-Marie: I use morning pages to remove the sludge from my brain each morning. Not exactly what Julia Cameron advises, but it works for me! 🙂 And thank you for your very kind words. ♡♡♡

  4. Ann-Marie says:

    Happy winter! It is a blazing, hot 98 degrees here is Maryland USA! A cool winter breeze sounds heavenly. Thank you for including the link to the “Morning Pages” site. What an amazing idea. Love everything you put on here and had a blast with the 30 day organizing project. Thanks for all you do to inspire me to organize and reduce the clutter in my life.

  5. Michele Connolly says:

    @Extreme John: Great idea about changing your driving route. It’s all grist for the motivation/creativity mill, so changing up the input has to pay dividends. Thanks for visiting – I hope you return! M 🙂

  6. Extreme John says:

    Hi Michele, first time commenting on your blog, I came over from your Tweet.

    I couldn’t help but comment on this post, I can get a little mental with stuff like this. I love the tips, especially the refreshing of stationary. I honestly think for me in my business environment and with my staff being 96% female that this would be a nice treat and motivator for them as well.

    One of the things I like to do is change my driving route, I feel it gives me new things to look at, sparks new ideas and relieves some of the stress from my daily commute.

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