BRAND NEW ‘52 Weight Loss Missions’ Logo Survey [I’d love your feedback! And there are cool prizes.]

On December 1 I’m releasing a very exciting new product called 52 Weight Loss Missions. I think this is my best product yet.

52 Weight Loss Missions: A Radically Different Approach

For most of us who struggle with weight loss, the problem isn’t what we don’t know, it’s what we don’t do.

This is where 52 Weight Loss Missions is unique. The program:

  • Includes 52 action-based missions
  • Focuses on actions that are smart and strategic
  • Covers diet, exercise and mindset
  • Helps you change the path of least resistance so eating, moving and thinking right get easier
  • Draws on psychology and life coaching to help you win the mental battles
  • Uses a range of cool tools to keep you committed and accountable
  • Offers hundreds of practical ideas and strategies
  • Is succinct and easy-to-read – 100% fluff-free
  • Rewards you for taking action.

Which Logo Do You Like, And Why?

I have three potential logos for this new product – and I’d really appreciate your feedback on which one you like best, and why.

(By the way, the logos might seem a bit girly because my research tells me it’s mainly us girls who struggle with this stuff. But the program content is gender-neutral. And if you guys want one, Ill do a dude version just for you. :))

Logo 1

Logo 1: 52 Weight Loss Missions

Logo 2

Logo 2: 52 Weight Loss MissionsLogo 3

Logo 3: 52 Weight Loss MissionsCool Prizes

I’ll pick two commenters to receive a copy of the 52 Weight Loss Missions Action Pack as a prize. The Action Pack includes 52 Weight Loss Missions plus a range of interactive materials including a Workbook, Journal, and Planning Tools.

Want To Know More?

If you want to know more about 52 Weight Loss Missions:

I’ll let you know about special introductory offers and I’ll also announce the winners in both places.

Thank You!

I really appreciate your feedback. And good luck!

Leave a comment on this post to tell me which logo you like best, and why.

Michele Connolly, Get Organized Wizard



652 thoughts on “BRAND NEW ‘52 Weight Loss Missions’ Logo Survey [I’d love your feedback! And there are cool prizes.]

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  4. Lyn Martin says:

    I vote for Logo #3. This logo shows enthusiasm from the female figure. The font is exciting, crisp and stands out grabbing your attention. This logo is very modern and professional looking. I believe this logo will make the objective of Weight Loss Missions much more successful in succeeding.

    Logo #1 looks like it’s an advertisement from the 1950’s and the female figure looks like it is a bobble head and it is too cartoonish. This logo does not grab my attention to the actual message of the logo. It gives me the impression that this is something from a kids/teens perspective.

    Logo #2 looks more like an Urgent Care Facility or a Fight Cancer logo. The font makes the words ‘Weight Loss” look like one word instead of two words.

  5. Trista says:

    I like #1 the best. Feels fun & fresh. #2 feels old and like I’ve seen it other places. It would not grab my attention. #3 is difficult to read with the top script replacing the “o” in mission and also feels old like I’ve seen it elsewhere.

  6. Heather says:

    I like the #1 because it seems to be consistent with your other product logos. The only problem I see is that the image only seems to cater to women. There are many men out there that would benefit greatly from this product or even be inclined to join their wives on the mission. I think if you had an image or figure that was not gender specific you may draw from different demographics(men, women and seniors).

  7. Shari says:

    I like logo #1 – it seems to follow your branding that you have already created the best. People interested will want to know more, because they know and love you! Also, it fun, cute, and make the idea of weightloss seem doable. Love the tagline!!!

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