BRAND NEW ‘52 Weight Loss Missions’ Logo Survey [I’d love your feedback! And there are cool prizes.]

On December 1 I’m releasing a very exciting new product called 52 Weight Loss Missions. I think this is my best product yet.

52 Weight Loss Missions: A Radically Different Approach

For most of us who struggle with weight loss, the problem isn’t what we don’t know, it’s what we don’t do.

This is where 52 Weight Loss Missions is unique. The program:

  • Includes 52 action-based missions
  • Focuses on actions that are smart and strategic
  • Covers diet, exercise and mindset
  • Helps you change the path of least resistance so eating, moving and thinking right get easier
  • Draws on psychology and life coaching to help you win the mental battles
  • Uses a range of cool tools to keep you committed and accountable
  • Offers hundreds of practical ideas and strategies
  • Is succinct and easy-to-read – 100% fluff-free
  • Rewards you for taking action.

Which Logo Do You Like, And Why?

I have three potential logos for this new product – and I’d really appreciate your feedback on which one you like best, and why.

(By the way, the logos might seem a bit girly because my research tells me it’s mainly us girls who struggle with this stuff. But the program content is gender-neutral. And if you guys want one, Ill do a dude version just for you. :))

Logo 1

Logo 1: 52 Weight Loss Missions

Logo 2

Logo 2: 52 Weight Loss MissionsLogo 3

Logo 3: 52 Weight Loss MissionsCool Prizes

I’ll pick two commenters to receive a copy of the 52 Weight Loss Missions Action Pack as a prize. The Action Pack includes 52 Weight Loss Missions plus a range of interactive materials including a Workbook, Journal, and Planning Tools.

Want To Know More?

If you want to know more about 52 Weight Loss Missions:

I’ll let you know about special introductory offers and I’ll also announce the winners in both places.

Thank You!

I really appreciate your feedback. And good luck!

Leave a comment on this post to tell me which logo you like best, and why.

Michele Connolly, Get Organized Wizard



652 thoughts on “BRAND NEW ‘52 Weight Loss Missions’ Logo Survey [I’d love your feedback! And there are cool prizes.]

  1. Betty May says:

    I like #3. It looks like someone who is on her way to her goal! She’s facing forward with her hands in the air, tape measure around her waist, so she’s not just focusing on the pounds number!!! And she is not a stick figure. I think it’s a positive image.
    Thank you for asking our opinion.

  2. Debra Shine says:

    #3 LOGO is by far the best choice, for many reasons. Foremostly, it is the logo that expresses the unique message of your product, most succinctly: “IT’S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW, IT’S WHAT YOU DO” in clean lettering. The bold lines add to the definition of your ‘catch phrase’ too. This is an important selling point for prospective customers. Secondly and almost equally as important in my opinion is the choice of ‘person’ you have chosen for your logo. In #3, the woman is average size, not a misshapen ‘Barbie’ look a like. This is important for those that might be interested in purchasing your product. Thirdly, it is only very subtle, but the slightly darker and deeper tone of the pink and blue used in Logo #3 are far more professional and ‘serious’ and therefor potentially more appealing to those that want a serious solution to their weight issue. These colours give your product far more visual appeal as compared to the ‘candy pink’ of the other two logos. It will have wider appeal across age groups and also will be more likely to attract male interest in your product if that is the line of custom you want to pursue. The specific shade / tone of colour chosen for products is extremely important, especially if it is to ever be available on a shelf in a store lined up against other similar products, as well as adding to it’s appeal on the web. If I might make a suggestion, perhaps ask your designer to create for you #3 Logo just one shade darker in both the cerise and the navy blue. Personally, I would go so far as to explore a similar dark shade of olive / green vs your choice of dark blue as well. This could make a significant contrast and add to expressing your message more effectively whilst adding to ‘shopper appeal’. Thanks, and good luck in your business venture 🙂

  3. Sheila Saunders says:

    Love #1 logo. It drew my interest more than the other two. Can’t wait to learn more. Keep the great ideas and advice coming.

  4. Connie says:

    Logo 3 is my favorite of the three. It is a more realistic body shape and seems “full of energy”.

    The other two have unrealistic body shapes and portray a stereotypical body image too many young girls are being led to believe they should obtain. (yes, even though one is very cartoony…a girl/woman with poor self esteem won’t see it as a caricature.)

  5. Faith Bender says:

    I like #2 best because the figure is far enough away to not be specific and the feeling of accomplishment is in her every move.

  6. shris says:


    I prefer #3, in part because the other two have weaknesses in my eyes that the third does not have.

    #1 – Something about the hair and the wink doesn’t hit me quite right..also the barbie type proportions.

    #2 – the ‘sparkle’ on the butt is really not necessary.. if that were moved/removed it would be fine.

    #3 – seems the most dignified with the most emphasis on the tagline.

    For me, weight loss is a ‘heavy’ issue and cuting it up makes ‘light’ of it, which for me is less positive. Of course I have struggled with this for 30 years and a girl starts to get annoyed by people who say ‘oh it’s so easy, you just do this and this..’ The equation might be fairly simple but the details and execution are hard work by any measure.

    So, even though the style might not be completely in line with the style of your other logos for your other mission products, I would go for the one that emphasises victory and dignity..and even work. So even a nice lean Rosie the Riveter showing off a muscle would be good.

    Just my opinion, worth what you paid for it. 🙂

  7. Ashley B says:

    I love the first logo. It is very clean and visually stimulating. The logo demands attention so you actually take the time to look at it and ready it to see what is going on. This is very nice and it will encourage to feel good about weight loss and not be afraid to keep some curve and shed some “dead weight” off of their body.

  8. Cheryl says:

    I like number 1. it has kind of a funky retro feel yet a touch of glam. Kind of Breakfast at Tiffany’s gone cartoon. It has nice graphic colors. The other ones don’t seem as eye catching and fun. They are kind of discouraging for those of us that don’t have that body type and wouldn’t even in our best shape. I also like the 52 in the first one, almost seems like a kitchen timer.

  9. Cheryl says:

    I like logo #3. She looks victorious. I like the mission idea, because weightloss can be a battle for some of us. Hope this is successful for you and all who participate in the missions. Be blessed.

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