52 Weight Loss Missions Logo Survey – Results & Winners!

52 Weight Loss Missions Logo Survey

Wow!! What a fabulous response to the 52 Weight Loss Missions logo survey!

We’ve had around 650 votes – many of them wonderfully detailed and insightful. Thank you so much for the time and thought you’ve put into helping me choose a logo for my new product. I’m so grateful!

I’m also ridiculously excited about this product. It’s the culmination of everything about losing weight I’ve learned in my psych degree, life coaching training, and happiness thesis research – not to mention months of research and years (um, decades?) of my own experience with diet, exercise and mindset.

The Winning 52 Weight Loss Missions Logo

Now I feel even happier that I’ve got a logo that resonates with so many of you. And the winner, by a long, long way, is: Logo 1! (The pie chart above shows the breakdown of responses.)

I also took on board comments about the 52WLM girl’s nose. So here she is, new and improved after her um, nose job!

52 Weight Loss Missions Logo

If you liked one of the other logos, I hope you like this version better. 🙂

The logo was created by Kim Schwede, who is also responsible for the 52 individual mission icons you see here. I absolutely love her work! She’s beautifully captured the sense of fun I’ve tried to bring to a usually humorless challenge.

The 52 Weight Loss Missions Prize Winners

It was terribly hard to choose among all the wonderful comments, but I asked the Get Organized Wizard Team to help, and we’ve selected:

We’ll be in touch soon with details of how you guys can download your 52 Weight Loss Missions Action Pack. Just in time for a great start to a svelte 2012!

And to everyone – thank you again for your fantastic feedback!

Michele Connolly - Get Organized Wizard



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