Would You Answer The Door In That?

If You Wouldn't Answer The Door In It, Don't Have It In Your Closet

What do you wear when you’re at home?

Whether you’re working, doing chores, or chilling out, the clothes you wear can affect your mood, motivation and even feelings of self-respect.

If you find yourself struggling with procrastination, low productivity or lack of motivation, your at-home wardrobe could be to blame.

  • Do you pull on any old thing because you’re ‘just at home’?
  • Do you say to yourself, ‘No one can see me, so why bother?’
  • If someone knocks at the door, do you stay very quiet and hope they’ll leave, because you’re too embarrassed to answer the door in what you have on?
  • Do you keep clothes that look bad, are stained, tatty or ill-fitting, or just don’t suit you – because they’re ‘still good’?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then it’s time for a closet intervention.

You don’t have to wear your best clothes at home. If I’ve been out I usually get changed when I get home – that way my special clothes stay looking great for longer.

But your at-home clothes shouldn’t be barrel-scraping either. That will only make you feel less than your best. And huge, baggy outfits invite overeating, in my experience. (Do you find this too?)

Instead, have a few outfits that are comfortable and attractive for wearing at home.

I work from home and spend long periods of time at my computer, but I also go to the gym four to six times a week. I want to be comfortable, but I also want to feel productive and motivated, and I also want to be able to head to the gym without the added resistance and potential excuse of having to change. So for working at home I wear dance or active wear – it’s very comfortable for sitting cross-legged and typing and it also works well at the gym.

And for chilling out at home when I’m not working, I have jeans, tanks and hoodies that are perfect for embarrassment-free door answering.

Good outfits for you will depend on what you do at home and what types of clothes make you feel happy and motivated. You can safely rule out anything ancient, tatty, ill-fitting, not-you, or uncomfortable. In fact, go pull these offenders out of your closet now.

Actors often say they inhabit a character when they get into costume. What ‘character’ are you playing when you’re at home?


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