30-Day Weight Loss-athon Program At 52 Weight Loss Missions

30-Day Weight Loss-athon at 52 Weight Loss Missions

Every year I run an action-based program in April.

This year my program is for people who have a few extra pounds they’d like to shed, and are looking for a burst of motivation, inspiration and community support to help them take action.

It’s called the 30-Day Weight Loss-athon and I’ll be running it on the blog over at 52 Weight Loss Missions. It involves 30 days of 10-minute actions. Easy peasy! You can get all the details here.

If you’ve been putting off your goal to lose weight, start exercising or overcome emotional eating, then this cool program could be just the kick-start you need.

Come on –  join me!

3 thoughts on “30-Day Weight Loss-athon Program At 52 Weight Loss Missions

  1. Natalie says:

    I deleted the email with today’s mission on it before I replied – oops!! But I managed 10 minutes on my ab glider this morning, even threw in a few extra moves to work on different areas! Now to do a quick home blessing and head out the door for a busy day in town.

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