I’ve Had A Face Lift!

Get Organized Wizard Face Lift

Well, my Get Organized Wizard website has.

What do you think?

Why Change?

This site has been around for a few years now. Over that time I’ve added products, changed focus, and adapted to what I’ve learned about you, my customers and readers.

As a result the site had started to look, um, disorganized. Not good for a site about being more organized!

I also wanted a fresher, cleaner, more modern look.

So I set about doing exactly what I encourage all of us to do in all areas of our lives: declutter, simplify, and organize.

What’s Different?

I’ve now simplified the site into 4 areas:

  1. Home Organization: decluttering, simplifying, and organizing your space
  2. Time Management: being more productive
  3. Life Management: relationships, happiness, perfectionism, goals, procrastination, style, health & fitness, and money & finance
  4. Business + Technology: being more successful at work and using tech tools.

There’s some overlap but they’re also each a distinct area of interest.

I’ve organized the blog and store around these 4 areas and even created a Start Here page for each one.

Plus I’ve streamlined and/or rearranged products, retired all the packs, and added a brand-new, super-simple Premium Subscription option for people who want the best value.

I’ve also refreshed the logo and design, and expanded my About page to include questions I’m often asked.

I hope you find everything cleaner, simpler, and more enjoyable to use.

What Do You Think?

Of course it’s not perfect, and I wish I’d had more time to get everything just so. Don’t we always feel this way?

But I set myself a deadline and, just like many of you, I fought the perfectionism monster to reach my goal: which was to go live by my birthday (Friday).

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll refine, and tweak, and generally be a nightmarish pain in the butt to my web guy. 🙂

I’ve put a lot into this project, and I would really love to hear what you think…


Michele Connolly

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