Get Organized For Health And Fitness

Get Organized For Health

As well as being the month I declutter my house, January is when I like to do all that health stuff.

I create a health to-do list and schedule:

  • A check-up with my doctor
  • A visit to my dentist and hygienist
  • General blood tests to keep an eye on iron and other stuff my doctor likes to monitor.

This year I’ve added appointments with:

  • An orthodontist – the dentist thinks I have jaw issues
  • An ENT – I don’t breathe very well at night so the orthodontist wants me to see one of these guys
  • An optometrist – my arms are no longer long enough for me to read menus ūüôĀ
  • A nutritionist – one of my goals this year is to improve my diet.

It’s a hassle to schedule these appointments.

But, as with¬†all those things we put off¬†because¬†they’re inconvenient, unpleasant, or scary, it feels great to have them checked off.

What’s On Your Health To-Do List?

Have you been procrastinating about the appointments on your own health to-do list?

Do you need to schedule visits with your:

  • Doctor?
  • Dentist?
  • Eye doctor?
  • Physiotherapist?
  • Other specialist?

Why not make those appointments today?

Imagine how¬†relieved¬†you’ll feel when they’re done.

11 thoughts on “Get Organized For Health

  1. Sarah says:

    Among the doctors listed in the article, I most often use the services of this dentist. If a person is young and healthy, then a visit to the dentist occurs more often than doctors of other specialties.

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