Get Organized For Health

Get Organized For Health And Fitness

As well as being the month I declutter my house, January is when I like to do all that health stuff.

I create a health to-do list and schedule:

  • A check-up with my doctor
  • A visit to my dentist and hygienist
  • General blood tests to keep an eye on iron and other stuff my doctor likes to monitor.

This year I’ve added appointments with:

  • An orthodontist – the dentist thinks I have jaw issues
  • An ENT – I don’t breathe very well at night so the orthodontist wants me to see one of these guys
  • An optometrist – my arms are no longer long enough for me to read menus 🙁
  • A nutritionist – one of my goals this year is to improve my diet.

It’s a hassle to schedule these appointments.

But, as with all those things we put off because they’re inconvenient, unpleasant, or scary, it feels great to have them checked off.

What’s On Your Health To-Do List?

Have you been procrastinating about the appointments on your own health to-do list?

Do you need to schedule visits with your:

  • Doctor?
  • Dentist?
  • Eye doctor?
  • Physiotherapist?
  • Other specialist?

Why not make those appointments today?

Imagine how relieved you’ll feel when they’re done.

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