What’s Your Creative Expression?

My Creative Sabatical

Motivated by Michele’s creative sabbatical, I started thinking about my own creative expression.

I love recharging my batteries with a creative activity. I look forward to the free time, releasing myself of daily responsibilities and doing something creative, purely to make me happy.

My most recent creative expression is photography. I love taking a picture that truly captures the moment. That might mean I snap more than ten images of the same scene, but it’s worth it! I capture a small but significant moment warms my heart.

You know what I mean! It could be capturing your child’s star jump on the trampoline. A beautiful sunrise or sunset. Or your cat all quiet & curled up enjoying a sunny spot in the house.

There are so many outlets for creative expression. Finding a local club, enrolling in a class, playing a musical instrument.

What do you do to boost your happiness, recharge and escape your daily stresses?

Kylie Browne

Kylie is our friendly Community Manager. Organizing advocate. 80s music fan. Busy Mom. Amateur over thinker. Thrives on coffee and chocolate.

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