Declutter Decisions: Inspiration to Help You be Ruthless in Your Declutter Project

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Following a lovely email from a follower who had just completed the 10-Day Declutter program, it got us thinking about what it is that people throw away when they are doing a clutter bust.

Why is it easy for some people to throw away items with sentimental value while others hold on to them, storing them lovingly but knowing they have no real value?

So today we’re going to give you the freedom and guilt-free motivation to throw away items that really are just taking up space. Knowing the things that others are at peace with parting with may give you the inspiration you need to shed some unwanted clutter.

Here’s a short list of things that people have thrown away:

  • Recipes printed off the internet, not tried or tested
  • Piles of cookbooks no longer referenced
  • Old walking pedometers no longer in use
  • Desk clutter – over supply of pens, paper clips, post-it notes, highlighters
  • Old scrapbooking supplies long since forgotten
  • Birthday cards & letters that hold no meaning
  • Off cuts of wrapping being saved for another gift
  • Unwanted gifts that were kept through guilt rather than pleasure
  • Near-empty cleaning products, already replaced with better alternatives
  • Old shopping receipts
  • Out of fashion clothes, not likely to make a come-back
  • Clothes that are too small/ too big / a color that doesn’t suit you

Recognizing some of the best excuses we use to hold onto our things can help us break the clutter cycle:

# But I might need it one day!

# It’s been handed down from generation to generation

# I will fit into this again one day

# It will come back into fashion

# I’m saving it for my son/daughter/niece/nephew/grandchild

What are some of your best excuses for holding onto clutter?


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