30 Day Weight Loss-athon

The Kick-Start You Need To Lose Weight!

30 Day Weight Loss-athon
Come and join me!

If you have a few extra pounds you’d like to shed, and are looking for a burst of motivation, inspiration and community support to help you take action, then look no further!

Starts Monday!

I’m running a 30-Day Weight Loss-athon and it starts this Monday, 3 March, US time.

A whole month of powerful, 10-minute actions that help you lose weight! You can get all the details here.

FREE For Premium Subscribers

As always, this program is included for our Premium Subscribers.

To see what other programs are coming, you can check out the Premium Subscriber Program Schedule

Kick-start Your Weight Loss

If you’ve been putting off your goal to lose weight, start exercising or overcome emotional eating, then this cool program could be just the kick-start you need.

Join us now for the live action-packed 30-day session.

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