Breakfast Bravado – A Fast, No-Fuss Solution

fresh fruits salad

After a couple of early starts last week decided to wise up and get organized.

I started to plan out my fast, no-fuss breakfast menu, to help keep time on my side.

You see, I love to snooze.  I know I may be running against the clock later, but my subconscious encourages me to enjoy a few extra minutes of zzzzz time. However that zzzzz time is usually much regretted as I rise and need to move at double-speed in order to get out of the door on time. 

So knowing snooze time is unnegotiable, I decided to tackle breakfast instead. Here are my fave fast, no-fuss breakfast options to help me keep moving in the morning:

  1. Fruit Salad. So simple and delicious, made up the night before.
  2. Cheesy eggs in the microwave. Two to three minutes and scrambled eggs are served.
  3. Sandwich with light filling, made the night before. Jam, cheese, ham, something easy and light that’s simple enough to eat on the go.
  4. Apples, bananas, grapes. All easy to eat while in the car. 
  5. Left over pizza slice from the night before. Why not? It’s not like you do it everyday! 

For busy people on the move, what are your best tips for a fast, no-fuss breakfast?


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