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Sick & Working From Home? Stay Productive!

We are well & truly into flu season here in Sydney and this week I’ve been crash-tackled by the bug. Restless nights, headaches, aches and pains, fevers, sweats. Urggghhh. Please, pur-leez my body, get well soon!

When you run a business from home or have the flexibility to work from home a lot, you tend to build up a pretty good routine. You have to be accountable and responsible for managing your own day. However all good intentions go by the way-side when you’re feeling unwell. Whether it’s the dreaded flu, the common cold or a nasty bug, when you work from home all of a sudden it is very, very clear that your bedroom is right there. Yep, just over there. In a few steps I could be wrapped up all cozy and lay my head down on a soft, comfy pillow.

But I can’t. Not yet.

Because there are some things I just have to do.

So, help me get through this with your best tips for managing your work day when you’re sick, and working from home.

Here are my current strategies for maintaining an average work day when you’re sick … not great, just average.

  1. Plan out the next few days. Yes, it’s checklist time. I’ve made a few notes on what needs to be actioned today, and what can be put off until the end of the week, possibly next week.
  2. Do the tasks you want to do. Like this blog for example. Usually I would avoid writing a blog post when I’m feeling unwell, but given the topic, I felt it was a good idea. I’m in the zone!
  3. Tell your partner,colleague, work mates, boss, that you’re not feeling your best & won’t be firing on all cylinders this week.
  4. Set up camp. I’m surrounded by tissues, headache tablets, throat lozenges and M&Ms. Reports* indicate increasing your M&M intake makes you feel more productive when you’re feeling unwell. *Ahem, this may be totally untrue.
  5. Schedule rest times. I am truly unwell. So I will take some time to rest and relax.
  6. Eat without guilt! My favorite. So I don’t feel like eating much, but snacking on Mint Slice biscuits and drinking endless cups of tea is comforting. Calories don’t count when you’re sick … right? Plus, I’m keeping myself sustained with the old remedy of chicken noodle soup. This report says it really works to improve your healing prowess – what do you think? Agree? So far so good for me. 🙂
  7. Read business papers, listen to webcasts, catch up on more minor tasks.
  8. Have a good night’s sleep. Studies show sleep has a positive affect on the immune system. For real!

Help me! What’s your best tip for managing your work day when you’re sick, and working from home? 

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