Simplify Your Life - 21 Days To Regain Calm And Happiness

Simplify Your Life – 21 Days To Regain Calm And Happiness


It’s that time again! One of our favorite programs is about to run a live session.

It’s the 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge – and it starts Monday 7 July (US time).

Is The 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge For Me?

Do you:

  • Feel overwhelmed?
  • Have too much stuff in your life?
  • Have too little time?
  • Wonder if your priorities are out of order?
  • Feel you’re drowning in chaos?
  • Find it hard to think straight because there’s too much on your mind?

Then the 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge is for you!

How Does It Work?

Each day you’ll be given a challenge – perhaps a decision to make or a task to complete – designed to help you simplify your life.

Day by day these challenges will help you untangle complications, feel less stressed, and gain a greater sense of calm and order.

The minimum version of each day’s challenge will take about 10 to 15 minutes – but as always, you’ll be able to do more if you choose to.

Read How This Program Has Helped Others

I never imagined I could get so much out of a 21-day program. It has made me more aware of my personal roadblocks and given me strategies for managing them. I’ve started to develop new habits that are helping me feel better organized and less overwhelmed. Thank you for this wonderful program and for your expertise, insights, and support, Michele. I also want to say thanks to Kylie, your community manager, for her support and encouragement and to the other participants for sharing their journeys and strategies.

– Ellen

Thank you for this awesome challenge! … Going through this has lifted soo much weight off my shoulders! I feel much more focused and organized. I mentioned elsewhere that I feel I can live and savor the immediate moments in my life because I don’t have to focus all the time on what I should be doing. There is now a time for everything 🙂 You have helped set me on the right track to finally reach some of the goals I have set for myself year after year. Thank you so very much!

– Lety

This last challenge is an amazing finish to the 21 days… The opening lines of today’s challenge were so amazing that I have pasted them at the top of my Evernote page and I am going to post them beside my DSSN index cards (which I distribute throughout the house, in random places, so I can’t get away from them 🙂 ). These lines remind me WHY I need to DSSN: if I DSSN the work and chores, and DSSN the fun stuff, both bring amazing rewards!

– Kim

FREE For Premium Subscribers

As with all our programs, this program is FREE for Premium Subscribers.

Simply log in to your My Account Page and join us at any time, from anywhere, starting Monday 7 July (US time).

To see upcoming programs, check out the Program Schedule.

Join Us – And Simplify YOUR Life

Ready to join us? Then take a lovely, long breath – we’re on our way to a simpler, calmer, happier life

The 21-Day Simplify Your Life Challenge begins Monday 7 July (US time).

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