Planning your next job role

Get Organized For Job Success

Knowing yourself and your capabilities is important when you’re planning a job move.

Do you think you’re on the path to success?

If you’re feeling:

  • stuck in a rut
  • overlooked by the boss or
  • eager to step out of your comfort zone

then let’s plan your next move. Organizing your personal goals will help you take action to achieve that goal.

Don’t wait for the boss to notice you!  Taking time to organise your career plan means you’ll have the advantage over someone who does not.

Use our checklist of personal priorities to see if you’re ready to take the next step in your career.

Personal Priorities Checklist: Planning A Path To Success

Long Term Projection

Think about:

  • Where you are now and how you got there
  • Where you would like to be in two years time
  • Where you would like to be in ten years time.

Role Stepping Stones

Think about:

  • Your current position and what your next position is (you may have a few positions to progress to before you reach your goal)
  • What training and experience you need to have in order to qualify for the next role.


Think about:

  • Telling your boss or relevant management of your career goals
  • Using internal performance evaluations to voice your strengths and identify gaps or weaknesses in your skills that can improved with courses or training
  • Keeping a note of your strengths and accomplishments so you can back-up your capability with facts and results.


Think about:

  • Which co-workers are your competitors for the next role you want
  • Ways to get an advantage over your competitor by having a skill or knowledge a step above their capabilities.


Think about:

  • How you are perceived in the office. For example, are you:
    • a trouble maker
    • voicing your opinions inappropriately
    • quiet and unnoticed
    • non-committal
    • a team player
    • always late
    • unreliable
    • helpful to co-workers.
  • How you compare to others you consider a competitor. Attitude counts as well as experience. Don’t get overlooked for the role you want because your attitude stinks!

Going The Extra Mile

Think about:

  • Asking the boss for more responsibility, extra shifts or something else you can do to expand your skills in other areas
  • Volunteering to take on special projects or help out when things are busy even if it’s not your role
  • Helping your co-workers meet their goals, encourage or motivate them.

Working smarter and being more assertive in your current role will help you reach your goals.

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